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Gold Line Design and Engineering

Design and Engineering

The Gold Line will travel approximately 10 miles through Saint Paul, Maplewood, Landfall, Oakdale and Woodbury.

The Gold Line will travel from St. Paul to Woodbury and have 21 stations.

During the design and engineering of the METRO Gold Line project, staff will further analyze the cost and relationships between design concepts proposed in the Pre-Project Development phase. At the conclusion of design and engineering work, the project will have the specifications and blueprints that will guide the construction.

Design concepts that are further studied and specified during design and engineering, include:

  • Vehicle and vehicle technology
  • Route and alignment
  • Station locations and amenities
  • Park & Ride lots and layover or maintenance facilities
  • Landscaping
  • Drainage
  • Utilities
  • Bridges and tunnels
  • Transit service plans

Route and stations

The Gold Line will travel approximately 10 miles in primarily bus-only lanes through downtown Saint Paul, Maplewood, Landfall, Oakdale and Woodbury and stop at 21 full-amenity stations and four new Park & Ride facilities. The lanes dedicated only to transit buses will be built north of Interstate 94.

Station locations:

  • Downtown Saint Paul: Union Depot and along 5th and 6th Streets at Smith Ave, Rice Park/Hamm’s Plaza, Minnesota Street, Robert Street
  • Saint Paul: Mounds Boulevard, Earl Street, Etna Street, White Bear Avenue, Sun Ray
  • Maplewood: Maplewood
  • Oakdale: Greenway Avenue, Helmo Avenue
  • Woodbury: Tamarack, Woodbury Theater, Woodbury 494

View the most updated route and station layout for the Gold Line project.

Note: Layouts are a work in progress and subject to change.


Design advancement for the Gold Line BRT began in early 2018 and is expected to reach 15% complete in early 2019. Engineering begins when enough design work has been completed. Engineering is expected to begin in 2020 and will take approximately two years to complete.

Station area planning

Washington County is conducting station area planning around proposed Gold Line stations within the corridor. This work will allow coordination of planning, land uses, and policy development along the line. Planning around the Gold Line now will allow cities and project partners to identify new opportunities for economic development, ridership growth, and creation of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) sites near station areas. Station area planning work will continue through early 2019 and include opportunities for public engagement and comment on station area proposals. More information can be found at the Gold Line Partners.