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Pass Programs

Metro Transit offers several transit passes available through employers, schools and organizations. All of them offer the same convenience of the Go-To Card — faster boarding, seamless transfers and balance protection – but in addition, these passes are valid for unlimited rides on bus and METRO lines. Rides on Northstar may require additional stored value.

These passes are often the best value if you ride transit frequently. If you don’t have access to these passes through your employer, school or organization learn about other money-saving passes available on a Go-To Card.

go-to card

Transit Assistance Program (TAP)

TAP makes transit more affordable for low-income residents.

Once qualified, you can get a TAP card that, when you add money to it, you get a $1.00 fare (plus a 2½-hour transfer!) on every ride you take. The card must be registered and cannot be used by another person.

metro pass card


Companies and organizations enroll in Metropass, then you get unlimited access to all regional buses and trains for $83 per month; even less if your organization offers pre-tax benefits or subsidizes your pass. Add stored value to pay fares above $3.25 (at some Northstar stations).

student pass card

Student Pass

When your high school signs up for Student Pass, you’re eligible for access to all regional buses and trains.

Ask your school today if you are eligible for the easiest and least expensive way to get to school and extracurricular activities. Your student ID is required along with the pass; the card is valid only when used by the named cardholder. All students agree to the Metro Transit Code of Conduct. Failure to adhere to the policies of your school or Metro Transit may result in pass deactivation.

Student Pass for Minneapolis Public Schools | Student Pass for St. Paul Public Schools

college pass card

College Pass

Whether it’s to class, work or fun, make a smart choice and get around town with a College Pass for $165 or less per semester.

When your school offers the College Pass, you’re eligible for unlimited rides on buses and trains for an entire semester. College Passes are sold at each school and expire at the end of each semester. Add stored value to your College Pass to pay fares above $3.25 (at some Northstar stations).

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