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Metro Transit Police Department

Metro Transit Police checking fares on a train.

Join one of the fastest-growing police departments in the state!

The Metro Transit Police Department is a great place to grow your law enforcement career. New police officers start at more than $35/hour and are eligible for a $4,000 hiring bonus. Current openings include: 

Metro Transit Police badge

The Metro Transit Police Department is committed to the personal safety, quality of life, and protection of property for everyone in our transit community.

Officers respond to and investigate all crimes that are reported on buses, light rail, commuter trains, facilities and rights-of-way throughout the eight-county region, and assist partner law enforcement agencies as needed. Currently, the department has more than 100 full-time police officers. 

Patrol officers and Community Service Officers (CSOs) regularly ride transit and visit transit facilities to interact with riders and staff. To supplement these efforts, the department relies on staff who remotely monitor security cameras across the transit system.  

Metro Transit is implementing a Safety & Security Action Plan that guides continued efforts to make transit feel safer and more welcoming.

Learn more about the Safety & Security Action Plan

2019-20 Annual Report (pdf)

Metro Transit Police

Our mission statement

Safeguarding the transit community with integrity and professionalism while building trust through community partnerships. 


Guardians of trust and accountability

Our core values

We work with the transit community to develop policies and procedures that increase safety and security, and give the community a voice before, during, and after police encounters. 

We use technology to implement best police practices that reflect the community’s vision and values, to build trust and transparency, and develop community engagement initiatives. 

We support strategies that reinforce community engagement, using collaborative approaches to plan and implement our response to potentially volatile situations within our communities. 

We promote education and training that meets our community’s expectations of de-escalation, crisis intervention, and more peaceful outcomes. 

We provide a wide variety of mental and physical health initiatives throughout our organization, to support officer wellness and safety, which is vital to their wellbeing, the strength of their families, and the health of our communities.