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Community Engagement

Do you have a question about a transit project or want to know how you can get involved in decision-making, or want to contact the Metro Transit outreach coordinator who serves your community? We’ve pulled together resources to get you started.

Building relationships

As part of Metro Transit's Community Affairs department, Community Outreach Coordinators support a wide variety of Metro Transit projects. Outreach Coordinators can :

Metro Transit Outreach

Doug Cook (he / his)

Focus: How to Ride, Bus Operator and Community education

Cody Olson (he / his)

Projects: METRO B Line, METRO H Line

Liz Jones (she / hers)

Area: Areas served by future METRO Gold and Purple lines

Projects: METRO Gold Line and METRO Purple Line outreach lead

Erik Thompson (he / his)

Projects: METRO E Line, Riders Club, Network Now

Nasser Mussa (he / his)

Projects: Metro Transit micro, METRO F Line, METRO G Line

Colin Owens (he / his)

Projects: METRO Purple Line

Emmanuel Larayetan (he / his)

Projects: METRO Gold Line

Amber Lee (she / her)

Focus: Leading and managing Metro Transit Outreach and engagement.

Julie Martinez (she / her)

Projects: Better Bus Stops, Network Now, Zero Emissions Bus Transportation, Metro Transit Forward, Metro Transit Micro

Alyssia Bell (she / her)

Projects: Supports Metro Transit B Line, Metro Transit F Line, Metro Transit G Line, Metro Transit E Line

Light Rail Extension Outreach

For our transportation system to work for everyone, it needs to connect people to the places they want to go. Light rail connects people to jobs to support their families, schools to get a solid education, doctor's appointments to stay healthy.

Cooperation and collaboration with countless supporters and partners have shaped and given life to the vision of a better-connected region. We're building lines that are sound, built from the ground up.

METRO Green Line Extension

This extension of the METRO Green Line will serve downtown Minneapolis and the communities of St. Louis Park, Hopkins, Minnetonka, and Eden Prairie. The 14.5-mile route will include 16 new stations.

David Davies (he / his)


James Mockovciak (he / his)

Station Areas: SouthWest, Eden Prairie Town Center, Golden Triangle, City West, Opus, Hopkins

Diane Anastos


Kaydee Kirk

Areas: SouthWest, Eden Prairie Town Center, Golden Triangle, City West, Opus, Hopkins

METRO Blue Line Extension

This project will extend the existing Blue Line from Target Field Station northwest to Brooklyn Park and connect communities along the way.

Nkongo Cigolo (he / his)

Kjerstin Yager (she/her)

Area: Crystal and Robbinsdale

Joanna Ocasio-Maisonet (she/her)

Area: Brooklyn Park and Minneapolis

Kaja Vang (they/them)

Area: Minneapolis

Additional community resources