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Bicycles and Transit

How do I travel with my bike on the bus/train?

All Metro Transit buses and trains have bike racks so you can pedal for part of your trip and ride for the rest. Every bus has a bike rack on the front bumper that accommodates two bikes. There are four bike racks inside each light rail car and spaces for two bikes on every Northstar train car. Most Metro Transit stations have bike racks available for public use, in addition to bike lockers at select stations and Park & Ride lots.

Please note:

  • How to use – Metro Transit bus racks are free to use with valid transit fare. See step-by-step instructions (for a bus or a train) or practice loading your bicycle on a rack when a bus is between trips or at less-busy times, such as midday, evenings or on weekends. To try a bus bike rack without worrying about traffic or delaying other bus riders, a practice rack is available at the Metro Transit Service Center in downtown Minneapolis.
  • What fits – Bike racks on Metro Transit vehicles are designed to fit a wide variety of bicycle wheel and frame sizes, including children’s bikes and e-bikes. Metro Transit bus racks cannot fit bikes that have more than two wheels, cargo bikes, fat tire bikes, recumbents, tandems, or adaptive bikes.
  • What's allowed – Metro Transit bus racks are limited to two-wheeled bicycles weighing less than 55 lbs. Gas-powered bikes are not permitted on any Metro Transit vehicles. The bicycle & scooter policy chart below provides additional details on bicycle weight limits, tire width limits, shared fleet bikes, and scooters on Metro Transit vehicles.
  • Lost & Found – Call Metro Transit Lost & Found at 612-373-3333 if you have left your bicycle on a bus or train.
  • Liability – Metro Transit is not liable for damage to bicycles, except if Metro Transit is found to be negligent or at fault in an accident. Theft, damage, injury while loading and unloading, acts by a third party and all other incidents are solely the responsibility of the bicyclist and not Metro Transit.

Where can I find bike lockers?

Bike lockers are available at select Park & Ride lots, rail stations, and other Twin Cities locations. Get more information on locker rental.

Annual rental (Feb. 1 through Jan. 31) costs $48 plus a refundable $40 damage deposit. Rental fee will be reduced by $4 for each month into the term but month-to-month rental is not available.

Bike lockers are also available through the City of Minneapolis, the University of Minnesota, employers, and facilities management companies in the metro area.

Metro Transit Bike & Ride facility

Our Bike & Ride facility, located in downtown Minneapolis' Ramp B, allows you to park your bike in a secure, enclosed structure with controlled access. Get more information on Bike & Ride.