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Use of Transit Property

Use requests

Metro Transit welcomes the public on our property for temporary uses that are complementary to transit. Individuals or groups seeking to use one of our facilities or properties must seek prior authorization, at least two months in advance of the event. This includes, but is not limited to, using the site for an event, parking vehicles, temporarily store construction equipment and materials for a public project, taking photos, shooting film, or displaying art on agency-owned property. Metro Transit does not provide contract parking for individuals or businesses.

To request the use of Metro Transit property, email Imee Clark at [email protected] at least two months prior to the intended activity date with the following information:

  • Requested location
  • Proposed use
  • Date, time, and duration of proposed use
  • Contact information including name, organization, phone number, and email address

No activity can occur on transit property until it is approved by Metro Transit. Those engaged in unauthorized activities will be asked to leave the transit property.

Submitting a request does not guarantee approval. Metro Transit must ensure the activity meets the use requirements and does not interfere with transit operations or present safety concerns or impose on Metro Transit employees or customers.

General guidelines

A request must meet the following guidelines to be considered and approved:

  • Supports a public purpose
  • Is a short-term use
  • Is compatible with the Council’s use of the property or facility
  • Does not interfere with transit operations or create unsafe conditions
  • Meets Metro Transit’s standard advertising policy
  • Is not a political or religious project or event
  • Covers Metro Transit’s operating costs
  • Sign a written agreement and provide documentation that the project or events are covered by appropriate levels of insurance

Events are not allowed on light rail platforms, inside transit facilities or bus shelters, and are limited on buses and trains.

Note: Additional approvals from adjacent property owners and/or municipalities may also be required. Approval from Metro Transit applies only to Metro Transit facilities and property.

Conditions of use

If approved, the requestor will be required to sign an agreement that includes the following, at a minimum:

  • All participants must follow all transit safety guidelines, including any special guidance provided by the agency
  • All participants must follow Metro Transit’s code of conduct, including no alcohol or smoking
  • All participants must have valid and visible identification while on transit property
  • A designated contact must be identified and available by phone while the use, project, or event is under way
  • Maintenance needs above and beyond standard Metro Transit maintenance will be taken care of by the requestor
  • Appropriate insurance coverage shall be required, including a certificate of insurance
  • Appropriate fees may also be assessed to recover any costs that exceed regularly scheduled operations, including the use of a non-revenue bus or train and staff time

Public facility usage request form

Other special uses

Public art at a transit station.

Public Art

Metro Transit may allow temporary public art pieces. Propose a non-permanent public art or community-based project.  

Public art project proposal Form


Individuals, companies or other groups interested in filming or taking photographs on transit property, including stations, vehicles, and transit facilities, must contact Metro Transit at least two months in advance by completing a proposal form. Some restrictions, requirements and fees may apply.

Filming project proposal form