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Purple Line BRT Project

Station Area Planning

Recruitment is underway for Station Area Planning Working Groups! See below to learn more and apply.

Rush Line station area planning meeting

Station area planning is a collaborative process that identifies ways to promote safe and direct station access and transit-oriented development within walking distance (1/2 mile, generally) of future transit stations. Transit-oriented development creates compact, mixed-use communities near transit where people can enjoy easy access to jobs and services.

Preliminary station area planning (2018-2020)

Ramsey County, in partnership with local communities, led preliminary station area planning for the then Rush Line BRT Project between 2018 and 2020. This work involved engaging with community members to refine station platform locations. Station locations were adjusted to maximize access and encourage transit-oriented development. Preliminary station area planning also consisted of a bikeshed and walkshed analysis of the project area, a market assessment, and a health impact assessment

Advanced station area planning (2022-2024)

With the support of a $1.25 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration, Ramsey County is leading advanced station area planning in partnership with Metro Transit and local communities. This effort will build upon preliminary station area planning work to develop detailed station area plans that reflect public and stakeholder input, seek to advance racial equity in our region, encourage transit-oriented development and identify infrastructure investments to improve station access. It will occur between 2022 and 2024, in coordination with the design process for the Purple Line project.

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Station Area Planning Working Group

We are looking for interested residents and business owners to be a part of our 10 Station Area Working Groups. As part of this group, their role will be to help guide the planning and engagement process around station areas such as refining station platform locations and improving connections to and from station areas.

Recruitment Timeline:

  • Aug. - Oct. 2022: Recruitment period for St. Paul stations
  • Fall/Winter 2022: Recruit remaining station area working groups

If you are interested in applying to be a Station Area Planning Working Group member, please complete an online application. We intend for membership on these groups to represent the diverse interests and stakeholders in the Purple Line project area.

For questions about the Station Area Planning Working Groups, please email Jerome at