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Purple Line BRT Project

Station Area Planning

Rush Line station area planning meeting

Take the Station Area Planning survey and add your comments to the station area map!

Do you live, work, or play on Saint Paul’s East Side or Downtown? We want to know your ideas for planning the half-mile areas around the METRO Purple Line stations! What do you love about those places and what do you want to change? You can help identify ways to support housing and businesses near the stations, as well as changes to make it safer to walk and bike. Comment on the station area map and take a 5-minute survey at

Station Area Working Groups: First round of meetings

The five Station Area Working Groups each met once in October or November. Participants completed asset mapping and visioning exercises for the half mile areas around their assigned stations. Comments fell into three main categories: transportation infrastructure and maintenance (e.g., the need for better sidewalks and snow removal), amenities and services (e.g., the need for more groceries and retail options, affordable housing, community gardens, and public bathrooms), and public safety (e.g., the need for improved lighting and surveillance). Summaries and raw notes from the October and November meetings are available at the links below. Station Area Planning staff are currently using the meeting notes to craft goals and equitable Transit-Oriented Development themes to discuss with working groups at the next round of meetings in February 2024.

October/November meeting materials: Summaries and raw notes




Station Area Working Group Summit

Station Area Working Group participants met on September 12 to learn about Purple Line and Station Area Planning. These participants represented the 10th Street through Cook Avenue stations. Attendees discussed their hopes, fears, and goals for their station area(s). Find presentation slides and notes from the meeting at the links below. There is also an overview of Metro Transit’s efforts on transit safety and security, a main concern among participants. Each working group is meeting during the fall to map location-specific assets and envision the future. Please contact [email protected] to learn more about the Station Area Working Groups.

Summit Materials

What is Station Area Planning?

Station area planning supports development of housing and businesses near transit stations. It also identifies ways to make it safer to walk and bike to transit stations.

Examples of questions in station area planning include:

  • Which sidewalks or street crossings need to be safer?
  • What kinds of development would be good for your neighborhood (housing, retail, etc.)?   
  • What properties in your neighborhood would you like to see redeveloped?