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Metro Transit micro Project

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What is Metro Transit micro?

Metro Transit micro is an affordable and accessible type of multi-passenger public transit (“microtransit”) that will deliver app-based on demand services to improve connections to existing transit service as well as to point-to-point trips in parts of north Minneapolis. The service area encompasses 5 square miles, and includes parts of the Near North, Bryn Mawr, and Harrison neighborhoods in north Minneapolis and the edge of downtown Minneapolis. Metro Transit micro is a one-year transit program with a possibility to extend services depending on transit needs and overall microtransit performance.  

Customers can request Metro Transit micro trips through an app, or by phone to be picked up and dropped off anywhere within the service area. Metro Transit micro uses smaller vehicles and live route scheduling to match customers with one of the five service vehicles, ensuring fast, safe, and convenient service with less wait times. Smaller vehicles allow Metro Transit micro to operate on more streets and directly access more locations than fixed-route transit. 

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How it works 

Like other rideshare services, microtransit customers can request a ride directly from their smartphone app, or phone, and then be picked up by one of the Metro Transit micro vehicles within minutes. The app matches customers with vehicles, allows customers to track the vehicle's location, and shows an estimated pick-up time. Unlike fixed-route transit services, Metro Transit micro is flexible and can pick up and drop off multiple passengers who are traveling the same direction within the service area. The service area is relatively small, which means short trips and less wait time for customers. 


Riding Metro Transit micro costs the same as regular bus fare and transfers are free. Customers can pay electronically through the app or pay on the vehicle using a Go-To Card or cash and receive transfer that can be used on Metro Transit fixed-route buses and METRO lines. Microtransit also accepts TAP cards and special reduced fares.

Requesting/booking a ride 

Customers are able to request Metro Transit micro rides through the app or by phone. Since Metro Transit micro does not have designated bus stops, the app will show customers where they should wait for pick up.

Service hours

Metro Transit micro service operates every day of the week.

Metro Transit micro vehicles 

The Metro Transit micro fleet consists of five vehicles that are smaller than regular city buses. Using smaller vehicles allows Metro Transit micro to operate on more streets and directly access more locations than fixed-route transit.  


Metro Transit micro vehicles are ADA accessible and include wheelchair lifts, bike racks, priority seating areas for customers with mobility aids, and welcome service animals.


Microtransit is designed to expand overall accessibility within the service area, operate on more streets to increase transit options, and offer transportation to communities that lack the resources to reach public services and employment opportunities. 

The project is expected to:  

  • Expand mobility choices for residents and workers within service zone
  • Expand access to high frequency METRO C and D line service between the north metro and downtown Minneapolis
  • Demonstrate an innovative service model in an area with a high propensity for transit
  • Demonstrate transit investment in historically disinvested communities of color and low-income neighborhoods
  • Add a new service to a transit corridor where ridership has been resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic

Maps and key destinations

Customers can take Metro Transit micro anywhere within this service zone. The service area includes parts of the Near North, Bryn Mawr, and Harrison neighborhoods in north Minneapolis and the edge of downtown Minneapolis.

Map showing the area that Metro Micro will service in North Minneapolis.

Outreach and contact details 

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