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What should Metro Transit’s network look like now? 

Over the coming year we will develop a plan that will continue to invest in improving our service as more resources, such as additional drivers, are available. We want your input in shaping our plans to best meet the needs of our region.

Building our Foundation:

After engaging with stakeholders, analyzing network performance, and reviewing policy guidance we created a set of principles to shape decision making: 

  • Adapt service to changes in transit markets and travel patterns.
  • Prepare for new METRO and high-frequency routes.
  • Maintain the reliability of scheduled service consistently over time.
  • Build on success to grow ridership, adding service where people use transit the most.
  • Provide access to opportunities and services with a focus on advancing equity and reducing regional disparities.

Read more about each item:

Next Steps

  • Evaluate options to improve service.
  • Propose what our transit network should be today, given changes to travel patterns since 2020.
  • Confirm any facility changes needed in our transit network.
  • Outline services to be added as we hire additional drivers.


Now that we are more aware of the longer-term effects of the pandemic response, and have more certainty around funding, we can pivot our planning efforts to prioritize service additions as we hire more drivers, and open major transit investments. We want feedback in building the transit system of tomorrow.  

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Community Outreach
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