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Body Worn Cameras

MTPD Body-Worn Camera Footage Request

The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act under Minnesota Statute 13.825 governs how and when recorded video from Body-Worn Camera (BWC) may be accessed by the public. The Act states that data collected by a BWC system are private data on individuals or nonpublic data. However, there are certain instances in which BWC video can be made available to the general public or to the subject of the recording.

Make a request using MTPD BWC Public Request Form

All public requests – mailed or emailed – must be signed and notarized.

  • In Person: BWC Public Request Forms will be accepted during regular business hours, and you must provide a copy of your government issued ID for photocopying. You may bring the completed form to MTPD Headquarters at 560 6th Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55411.
  • Mailed request: You may mail the form to:
    Metro Transit Police Department
    Attention: Body Worn Camera Management Unit
    560 6th Avenue North
    ​Minneapolis, MN 55411
  • Email: Send the completed form to:
  • Email request for Outside Agency only:
    Make a request using the MTPD BWC Outside Agency Request Form
    Email the completed form to:

Requesting to Extend Video Retention: Per Minnesota Statutes Section 13.825, subd. 3(c), a data subject may submit a request to ask that BWC video is retained past the standard retention period as defined by the Metro Transit Police Department. Data subjects must complete the MTPD BWC Public Request Form indicating the request for the video to be retained and submit to MTPD following the procedures outlined above. MTPD will maintain the video for 180 days beyond its normal retention period. MTPD will then destroy the video unless another request is made.

How do we process your request?

Receiving requests: 

Before fulfilling a request, we may contact the requestor for the following reasons:

  • to ask for clarification or additional information to help us fulfill the request
  • to request verification of identity of a data subject

Please be sure to complete all fields of the MTPD BWC Public Request Form to ensure that we have enough information to complete your request as quickly and efficiently as we can.

Standards for verifying identity

The following will be accepted by the MTPD as proof of identity as a subject of BWC video:

  • An adult individual must provide a valid photo ID, such as
    • A state driver’s license or ID
    • A tribal ID
    • A military ID
    • A passport
  • A minor individual must provide a valid photo ID, such as
    • A state driver’s license or ID
    • A tribal ID
    • A military ID
    • A passport
    • A Minnesota school ID
  • The parent or guardian of a minor must provide a valid photo ID and either
    • a certified copy of the minor’s birth certificate or
    • a certified copy of documents that establish the parent or guardian’s relationship to the child, such as
      • a court order relating to divorce, separation, custody, foster care
      • a foster care contracts
      • an affidavit of parentage
  • The legal guardian for an adult individual must provide a valid photo ID and a certified copy of appropriate documentation of formal or informal appointment as guardian, such as
    • court order(s)
    • valid power of attorney