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Residential Pass

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Residential Pass is a deeply discounted unlimited use transit pass designed specifically for multifamily developments of 10 units or more. Through this unique program, properties that purchase one pass per unit in a building will be eligible to purchase the transit passes for $14 per month/pass, which is an 88% discount from the full price of $120 per month for each pass.


… for your residents

  • Save residents up to $1400 annually on the cost of a transit pass. 
  • Relieve the stress, time and cost of commuting and accessing services. 
  • Allow residents to live without a car, which can save thousands of dollars annually. 

… for you

  • Attract new residents and reduce turnover. 
  • Reduce vacancy rates and accelerate lease-up. 
  • Decrease traffic and reduce parking shortages. 
  • Potentially reduce evictions by lowering residents’ transportation costs. 
  • Maintain a positive presence in the local community. 

… for developers 

  • Reduce construction costs by reducing the need for parking. 
  • Provide an important transportation demand management strategy. 
  • Increase neighborhood support for a project.

How it works

The management company must commit to one year and supply one Go-To Card for each unit at their complex. They can offer this service at their own expense or charge the value of the cards back to the resident. They cannot charge more than what they are being charged. 

How to participate

  • Complete the online registration form.
  • Commit to participate for one year in the program via License Agreement. After one year, the organization is on a monthly billing cycle with no annual commitment.
  • Promote the program to eligible residents.
  • Pay for one pass per unit.

How to enroll residents

  • Set up an account on the secure administrator site (an invitation will be emailed upon acceptance of registration form and completion of License Agreement). [Link to form needed]
  • Place your card order on the administrator site.
  • Schedule an orientation session with the outreach specialist in your area.
  • Include a Go-To Card User Guide with each Residential Pass.

Rules for residents/card-holders

  • Participants must validate every ride by touching their pass to the reader located on the bus and at METRO and Northstar stations. Failure to do so may result in card deactivation or revocation.
  • Residential Pass is non-transferable.
  • A valid ID must be presented upon request by Metro Transit Police.

Ordering, canceling, replacing, and suspending passes

All administrator functions described below can be completed on the administrator site. Select the option to order products for new Residential Passes. 

Registering passes

To request passes for new residents, submit their names and optional unique identification numbers under the “register passes” option in the administrator site. The unique identification number may be the apartment unit number.

Canceling passes

If a resident leaves the property, the pass should be promptly deactivated. A replacement may be requested for a new tenant once the old pass has been deactivated.

Payment information

After the last day of the billing cycle, Metro Transit will send a bill for one pass per building unit. 


Contact [email protected].