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More than 300 organizations provide their employees access to discounted, unlimited-ride transit passes (valid for $3.25 fare*) with this transit pass program. Metropass is available to groups with 5 participants; each pass costs $83 per month.Metropass

You can pass the cost of the pass on to participants, or – like 50 percent of existing organizations in the program – you can subsidize a portion of the cost, and earn tax credits. Our flexible program allows easy monthly payments.

Note: If your organization has fewer than 5 riders, consider purchasing Go-To Cards for your participants, allowing employees to purchase transit passes on a pre-tax basis. More details can be found here.

*If participants ride any route with a fare above $3.25, stored value is required. Add value here or through the administrator site.

How it works for the Metropass user

Validate the ride

Users must validate each ride by touching their Metropass to a card reader every time they board a bus or train. Without validation, the ride is not counted and Metro Transit Police cannot verify that the pass is active and valid. Metro Transit reserves the right to deactivate Metropasses from those who do not comply with fare policy.

Take proper care of the pass

For details on how the card works and how to take care of it, read the User's Guide. To request printed copies of the User's Guide, email

How it works for the Metropass administrator

Each participating organization assigns a Metropass administrator. This person manages the program through an online administrator site, using it to track current passes and participants, temporarily suspend or cancel passes, issue replacement passes and manage billing information.

If you already participate in the Metropass program, use these resources:

An organization must agree to these terms:

  • Commit to participate for one year in the program; after one year, the organization is on a monthly billing cycle with no annual commitment
  • Promote the program to eligible participants
  • Pay for a minimum of 5 riders/passes per month

Once an agreement is signed with the Metropolitan Council, enrollment begins!

  • Set up an account on the secure administrator site (an invitation will be emailed upon request)
  • Submit the names of your new participants on the administrator site
  • Schedule an orientation session with the outreach specialist in your area

Distribute Metropasses and remind participants of the terms of use.

  • Participants must validate every ride by touching their pass to the reader located on the bus and on rail station platforms. Failure to do so may result in card deactivation or revocation.
  • Metropass is non-transferable; it cannot be used by anyone other than the individual named on the pass
  • Metropass must be signed
  • A valid I.D. must be presented upon request by Metro Transit Police

Ordering, canceling, replacing & suspending passes

All administrator functions described below can be completed on the administrator site. Please refer to the calendar in the administrative portal to determine a delivery date for new Metropasses.

Ordering passes
To request passes for new participants, submit their names and optional unique identification numbers under the Enroll Participant(s) option in the administrator site.

Canceling passes
If a participant leaves the organization or chooses to cancel his or her pass, promptly deactivate it to avoid paying for an additional month.

Replacing lost, stolen or defective passes
If a participant's card is lost or stolen, the administrator should deactivate the old pass and request a replacement. A $5.00 fee will be charged for a replacement unless the pass is deemed defective (it has no apparent physical damage and cannot be read properly by validators). Defective passes must be returned to Metro Transit for verification. A pass can be replaced up to two times per year for each participant.

Suspending passes
A participant is allowed to temporarily suspend his or her pass for one to three months. There is no replacement fee since a new pass is not produced.

Payment information

Prior to the 25th of each month, the administrator downloads an "active pass" report using the administrator site. The administrator verifies the list of active passes and cancels passes as necessary. After the last day of the billing cycle, Metro Transit views the "active pass" report and sends a bill for those passes plus any adjustments made due to replacements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do users need to validate their rides on buses and on rail station platforms before boarding?
Yes, all users must validate their rides by touching their Metropass to a card reader every time they board a bus or train. Without validation, the ride is not counted and Metro Transit Police cannot verify that the pass is active and valid. Metro Transit reserves the right to deactivate cards from users who do not comply with fare policy.

How do I add stored value to a Metropass?
There are two ways. If your organization is managing the stored value and allows the participant to use pre-tax dollars for stored value purchases, use the administrator site to add value. Otherwise, individual users can add stored value to a Metropass online, by phone at 612-373-3333 or at select Go-To Card retail outlets.

What happens after we complete our first year in the program?
Your group has the option of leaving the program after a 30-day written notice.

Will Metro Transit contact us to verify the number of active passes for each month’s billing?
No, use the administrator site or contact us before the 25th of each month to make any changes. Otherwise, Metro Transit will assume that the number of active passes in the system is accurate and billable.

How often does Metro Transit produce and mail passes?
Metropasses are now processed and mailed almost each week throughout the month. Some restrictions apply and no mailing is done the week before the 25th day, to give our organizations time to reconcile their monthly billing. Orders received by Wednesday will be processed and mailed on that same Friday. Those riders awaiting a replacement pass should be issued a Temporary Metropass to use until their replacement pass arrives.

Will temporary passes on Go-To Cards be available?
Yes, they will be available for participants waiting to receive a replacement pass. Please contact Lisa Erle or Dustin Crescini if one of your participants rides the Northstar Line and has requested a replacement card; stored value can be added to a temporary Go-To Card. 

Can participants choose which months they want to participate?
A Metropass participant can temporarily deactivate a pass for one to three consecutive months at no cost. After three months, the pass will be permanently deactivated. A replacement pass will need to be requested if the participant wishes to re-enroll in to the program.


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