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Metro Network

Welcome to the expanding METRO network

METRO is the network of fast, frequent, all-day buses and trains that can speed your commute. And it’s growing!

Planning is underway for METRO Orange Line bus rapid transit service on I-35W, set for a 2021 opening, and METRO Gold Line, a Bus Rapid Transit line connecting downtown St. Paul with its eastern suburbs, heading toward a 2024 start.

A METRO Green Line extension to Eden Prairie (also called the Southwest Corridor Project) with service start-up expected in 2023. A METRO Blue Line extension, continuing light-rail service from downtown Minneapolis to Brooklyn Park, is under development with a planned 2024 implementation.

Further Bus Rapid Transit projects (the METRO B LineMETRO D Line and METRO E Line – are in various stages of planning.

New, electric-powered C line bus

Future METRO map

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