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Bus Rapid Transit

Bus Rapid Transit 

BRT station showing METRO C line approaching station.

Investments in bus rapid transit (BRT) significantly improve service quality in the region’s busiest transit corridors. In BRT corridors, buses operate frequently throughout the day and are less prone to delays. Enhanced stations and roomier buses also provide a more comfortable experience for riders. 

Building on past success, plans to create a network of 12 BRT lines by 2030 are advancing. When fully built-out, a quarter of the region’s residents (580,000 people) and 600,000 jobs will be within a quarter-mile of a BRT line. 

Watch: What is bus rapid transit?


BRT lines in service



Red Line

Cedar Avenue between Apple Valley and Mall of America

A Line

Snelling Avenue, Ford Parkway 

C Line

Mainly along Penn Avenue, between downtown Minneapolis, Brooklyn Center 

Orange Line 

I-35W between downtown Minneapolis, Burnsville 

D Line

Emerson, Fremont, and Chicago avenues between Brooklyn Center and Bloomington


BRT lines in construction/planning




Projected opening

B Line

Lake Street and Marshall and Selby avenues (Route 21)

Construction began May 2023


Gold Line

Generally along I-94, serving downtown St. Paul, Maplewood, Landfall, Oakdale, and Woodbury 

Under construction


E Line 

Hennepin and France avenues (Route 6)

Advancing through project engineering 


F Line 

Central and University avenues (Route 10)

Advancing through project planning  


G Line 

Rice and Robert streets (Routes 62, 68)

Advancing through project planning 


H Line 

Como and Maryland avenues (Route 3)

Planning to begin in 2023


Purple Line 

Originally envisioned to connect St. Paul, Maplewood, Vadnais Heights, Gem Lake, White Bear Township, and White Bear Lake 

Route modification study underway

New timeline being developed