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B Line Engagement

Public Engagement

This page describes the engagement goals and outlines several methods that project staff will use to ensure that public input from a wide range of corridor stakeholders is incorporated into the B Line planning process across 2019 and 2020.

Planning Phase Engagement Goals

Inform the public of project plans and opportunities for input. Maintain ongoing, clear, and consistent communication of project elements that considers the cultural context of the B Line corridor.

Consult people on key questions early in the planning process to ensure adequate time for feedback, input, and dialogue.

Involve the public by practicing two-way communication that is responsive to community desires, shows how input has affected the project, and identifies how people can continue to participate in the project.

What questions are we asking?

Routing: Should the B Line extend to downtown St. Paul? What route should it take if it does?

Balance: Which values and priorities should guide decisions about service mix and station spacing?

Station Locations: At which intersections should stations be located? At which corners of those intersections should platforms be located?

Speed and Reliability: Where should transit “advantages” such as bus-only lanes be considered to help reduce delays for transit users?

How can people learn more about the project?

During the B Line planning process, Metro Transit has and will continue to engage with people through many different methods, including:

Meeting in Community: 

  • Open houses/workshops
  • Community meetings and events
  • Community office hours
  • Bus stop/community pop-ups
  • Conversations with riders on the Route 21
  • Door-to-door communications

Public Communications:

  • Web updates
  • Social media
  • Flyers in community locations
  • Direct mailings to homes and businesses on the B Line
  • B Line email updates & Metro Transit Connect (monthly digital newsletter)
  • Local radio, newspapers and community publications

For more on upcoming engagement activities, visit the Meetings and Events page.

When will people hear from us?

Engagement for this project is ongoing as the planning phase progresses, but staff will focus engagement efforts around three major steps in 2020:

  1. Spring 2020: Draft Corridor Plan
    • This plan will contain information on the routing, service mix, station and platform locations, and transit advantages mentioned in the four questions above.
  2. Spring/Summer 2020: Recommended Corridor Plan
    • This plan will build on the Draft Corridor Plan's specific elements and reflect any changes based on public and agency input.
  3. Summer 2020: Final Corridor Plan
    • This plan will finalize the the elements in the Recommended Station Plan (including any additional changes) and will be presented for approval by the Metropolitan Council, which will begin the project's engineering phase.


Project fact sheets are available in Spanish, Somali, and Hmong. If you need materials in a different format or additional language, please contact

an image depicting B Line project materials out in various community locations