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B Line Stations

Individual station pages

The following section contains links to individual station plans for each of the B Line stations. The plans communicate two core station components: the station intersection and the location of platforms within that intersection. Other preliminary design details are provided for additional context, but are conceptual and will be finalized throughout detailed design. Typical dimensions for a B Line platform are shown below.

Station area schematic containing typical B Line platform dimensions. Platform length and width are typically 60 feet and 11.5 feet respectively. The 11.5-foot width of the platform is further divided into a 6-foot clear zone immediately adjacent to the curb and a 5.5-foot furnishing zone. The “through zone” is the space behind the platform (furthest from the street) and has a varying width.

The individual station plans are organized west to east beginning in Minneapolis and continuing to St. Paul. The plan identifies 33 stations over the 12.6-mile corridor. 

B Line Corridor Plan