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TOD Funding

Funding is a critical and complex piece of the development puzzle. In order to ease your search for public funding partners and sources, the TOD Office compiled a comprehensive funding guide. This expansive resource is an annually updated reference for developers and cities and is a snapshot of the current financing environment for TOD projects in the region.

The TOD Funding Guide, updated in 2020, provides information on potential funding sources and financial tools for TOD projects. This funding guide is a dynamic database, sortable by many variables including type of project, source of funds, type of funding program, and size of funding need and includes contact information for each program. The first tab in the spreadsheet is a User Guide to help maximize the utility of this tool. 

> Access the TOD Funding Guide

Local TOD Grant Programs

Metropolitan Council TOD grants

The Council’s TOD grants (LCA-TOD) promote moderate- to high-density development projects located within walking distance of a major transit stop that typically include a mix of uses such as housing, jobs, restaurants, shops and entertainment.   

Projects are eligible if they are located within a LCA-TOD-Eligible Area within one-half mile of LRT, BRT, commuter rail or high-frequency express bus stations that are currently operational or will be operational by 2020. Projects within one-quarter mile of high frequency local bus routes are also eligible.

> Visit the Metropolitan Council TOD Grant program webpage

Hennepin County TOD grants

The Hennepin County Board of Commissioners has authorized approximately $2 million in grant funds per year for TOD projects throughout Hennepin County that support TOD principles, including walkability, transit ridership and compact, efficient use of space.

> Visit the Hennepin County TOD Grant program webpage

Ramsey County HRA Environmental Response Fund

TOD sites are often previously occupied by another use, and Ramsey County recognizes the need to transform contaminated property into viable use. Brownfield cleanup costs are supported by the Environmental Response Fund (ERF) and may apply to TOD projects. Private, for-profit and nonprofit agencies and organizations are eligible.

> Visit the Ramsey County HRA Environmental Response Fund webpage