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Network Next

What is Network Next?

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 Bus approaching gate B.

Network Next is a 20-year plan for expanding and improving the bus network. Transit improvements under consideration include improved local and express routes, integrated shared mobility options, and new arterial bus rapid transit (BRT) lines.  

Adapting Network Next to ongoing community crises

Network Next planning efforts have been delayed by COVID-19. Work on Network Next is resuming, but we are changing our approach in response to the recent crises.

Pausing to listen and learn

Metro Transit staff spent the month of August listening to our customers and communities near our core routes, and learning how this year has changed their transit needs and priorities. The information gathered will inform near-term decisions, long term plans, and future public engagement efforts including how community is engaged in the next steps of Network Next.

Learn more about this agency-wide effort.

Putting local and express bus improvement planning on hold

Planning for improvements to the local and express bus network is on hold. This will allow us to better understand the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on transit needs and incorporate changing ridership patterns into our planning efforts. We hope to restart these efforts in 2021.

Resuming planning with a focus on arterial BRT

In fall 2020, Metro Transit is resuming community engagement on Network Next to select and prioritize the next arterial Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines – the METRO F, G, and H lines. 

Provide input on BRT priorities

Outreach and planning staff will continue to provide other opportunities for customers and the communities served by these routes to provide input including social media, in-person conversations, and community hosted meetings as the project progresses.  

Find more information about engagement opportunities.

Stay connected

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Community Outreach

Media contact

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Communications Specialist