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Network Next

Help us shape the future of the Metro Transit bus network

Metro Transit is beginning a two-year effort to develop our vision for the bus network of 2040. Building on the existing network’s strengths, we’re setting out to identify expanded bus service across a spectrum of transit improvements, including improved local and express routes, new arterial bus rapid transit (BRT) lines and integrated shared mobility options.

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Bus network improvements

The core work of Network Next will be identifying service improvements to Metro Transit’s bus network. These improvements will include Metro Transit’s local and express bus network and new arterial BRT lines.

Expanded local and express buses

Longer operating hours and more frequent service on existing bus routes and new bus routes in areas that don’t currently have service.

New arterial Bus Rapid Transit lines

An updated network of new arterial BRT lines like the METRO A Line and C Line and a schedule for when each new line will be implemented.

Bike on a bus

Integrated shared mobility options

New and expanded shared mobility options to make it easier for riders to get from the bus stop or transit center to their final destination and back.

Service quality improvements

While expanding and improving the bus network is the core focus of Network Next, we’ll also identify improvements to the customer experience at the stop and onboard the bus.

Speed and reliability improvements

Transit advantages to improve the service speed and reliability including transit signal priority to keep the light green longer for buses, bus stop relocations and improvements, and bus-only lanes to keep buses out of traffic.

Added bus shelters and Transit Centers

More shelters with light and heat for a more comfortable experience waiting for the bus and potentially new or updated transit centers to make connections between buses easier and increase opportunities accessible by transit.

Improved Transit Information Options

Improved transit wayfinding and expanded access to real time transit information to make the bus network easier for people to understand and use with confidence.

How will we get there?

The vision identified in Network Next won’t be achieved overnight—it will take incremental improvements over time to get there. The improvements named in Network Next will be prioritized for implementation to guide the expansion of the bus network over the next 20 years, with updates about every five years along the way. The vision for 2040 will require additional funding for transit operations, new buses, garages and other support facilities. Network Next will identify the funding and resource needs needed to implement the identified improvements.

What’s next?

The first step is to assess how the bus network is doing today and to better understand how our customers and the community would like to see it expanded and improved. Next, we will be talking to bus customers, neighborhoods and community organizations, residents, bus drivers, local governments, businesses and more about how transit works for them today and how it could work better in the future. We’ll identify some difficult tradeoffs involved in transit planning and work together to help resolve them based on what is best for the region.

By early 2020, the outcomes of these conversations will come together into a guiding framework for Network Next that will shape our priorities for how we identify, develop and evaluate specific improvements to the bus network.

We will develop and evaluate bus network improvements through the summer of 2020 and plan to share a draft plan for public comment in the fall. Additional opportunities for public input will be available along the way

How can I get involved?

Take our survey and tell us about how you use transit today and your priorities for improvements.

We are partnering with Twin Cities community leaders and organizations to host and facilitate community conversations around transit priorities. These conversations will be designed by the hosts to meet the needs of the community they are focused on and will help us better understand the communities we serve.

We’ll be hosting pop-up events at transit centers, bus stops and Park & Rides through the fall to meet with customers and community members on transit. We’ll be asking you to share your transit story and your priorities for improvements.

Stay up-to-date on events by checking our calendar and signing up to receive Network Next updates. Have questions? Contact us at or call Jae Halverson at 612-349-7395.