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Metropass Promotional Resources

There are several resources available to help you promote the Metropass program at your worksite. For all administrative tasks, including adding and removing Metropass participants, please visit the secure administrator site. For information about commuter fairs and other on-site presentations, contact the outreach specialist in your area or submit a request and we will contact you.

Welcome packets

Each Metropass includes a User Guide. The User Guide explains general policies and how to use the card properly. (For example, reminding cardholders they are responsible for validating their ride every time they board a bus or train. A card that is not validated is subject to deactivation.) The card is non-transferrable, meaning that cardholders can not lend the card to others to pay for other rides. The User Guide also illustrates how to add value to a Metropass; adding stored value is required if riding the Northstar Line.

> User Guide for Go-To Cards and passes

New employee fliers and posters

Upon request, you can receive materials to promote Metropass in your company or at a benefits fair. You can download a flier to help promote Metropass to your employees. If you have other ideas on how to encourage enrollment, contact the outreach specialist in your area or e-mail and we'll be happy to help you.

Sample emails and agreement forms

Once you've enrolled in Metropass, you will want to tell your employees. We can provide e-mail templates to help explain this transit benefit. Sample agreement forms are included to give examples of how some companies administer the program, but each organization must determine the arrangement with employees that works best for them.

> Sample agreement between employers and employees

> Sample email announcement

Posters for building owners

> Metropass poster for building owners (letter-size)

> Metropass poster for building owners (tabloid-size)