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10 Rides

Go-To lite Cards

Go-To lite Cards with stored rides are available for seniors (65+) and students (K-12). They work just like Go-To Cards, only they're disposable: Touch the card to a reader on a bus or at a METRO station and one ride is automatically deducted. Transfers are automatically added to the card so a new ride is not deducted until the transfer expires. When you've used the 10 rides, simply throw the card away. Because they're meant to be thrown away, please do not register or add value to them. Lost or stolen Go-To lite Cards cannot be refunded or replaced. 

10 Rides for seniors (65+)

A Go-To lite Card – 10 Rides for seniors is valid toward a $3.25 fare on buses and trains, and costs $20.50. To be eligible for these cards, seniors must present valid ID. Go-To lite Cards for seniors are available at Metro Transit Service Centers, and by mail.

10 Rides for students (K-12)

A Go-To lite Card – 10 Rides for students is valid for a $3.25 fare on buses and trains. It is a popular option for schools that help get their students to school or to home, especially for after-school activities. At $15 for students, it is an excellent value and saves you more money than cash or stored value. Please note: this card is not valid on any route with a fare above $3.25.

To be eligible for these cards, students or their parents must complete this form, which must be signed by the student and their parent or guardian.

Go-To lite Cards for students are available at Metro Transit Service Centers, by mail and at select schools and organizations.