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Metropass overview

Metropass is an employer-based, unlimited-ride transit pass. The pass is designed as a pre-tax benefit collected via payroll deduction and costs no more than $83 per month – even less if the company covers some or all the cost. There is no minimum number of participants. 



… to employees

  • Saves employees on the cost of a transit pass

  • Relieves the stress, time, and cost of commuting 

  • Reduces carbon footprint 

  • Employees who pay for the pass with payroll deduction receive a pre-tax advantage of up to 43% (actual percentage may vary based on salary)

  • Convenience of not needing to think about fare payment

  • Pass can be used for trips anywhere at anytime

… to employers

  • Attracts new employees and reduce turnover. 

  • Decreases traffic and reduce parking shortages. 

  • Demonstrates commitment to sustainable transportation

  • When employers offer transit passes pre-tax, it reduces payroll and the accompanying taxes.

How to participate

Contact Commuter Programs today to set up a Metropass program at your organization or to discuss other commuter benefits programs. We will answer your questions and connect you with your local Transportation Management Organization (TMO) to assist you every step of the way. 

How it works

There is no cost to the employer unless the passes are subsidized. Each participating organization assigns a Metropass administrator to manage the program through an online administrator site. The administrator promotes the program, distributes passes, and submits monthly billing reports. It typically takes less than an hour per month to administer a Metropass program.

How to enroll employees

  • Set up an account on the secure administrator site (an invitation will be emailed to you)

  • Enter the names of your new participants on the administrator site

  • Distribute Metropasses and remind participants of the terms of use

  • Pass replacement, suspension, and cancelation are all managed through the administrator site

  • For more information, visit the Metropass Administration page

Rules for pass users

  • Participants must validate every ride by touching their pass to the reader located on the bus or at METRO and Northstar stations. Failure to do so may result in card deactivation or revocation

  • Metropass is non-transferable; it cannot be used by anyone other than the individual named on the pass

  • The Metropass must be signed

  • A valid ID must be presented upon request by Metro Transit Police