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Programs for employers

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Keep your employees moving

No matter what business you're in, you know that giving employees options for getting to work is good for business. Driving alone puts a strain on nerves, the roads and our air! When you offer commuter benefits at your company, employees save money and arrive at work relaxed. You'll benefit by attracting and retaining great employees.

Transit pass programs have no cost to the employer unless you choose to subsidize them. More than 80 percent of participating companies subsidize transit benefits because they earn tax credits. Contact Metro Transit today to figure out the best option for your company and employees. We will answer your questions and connect you with your local Transportation Management Organization (TMO) to assist you every step of the way.


With Metropass, your participants gain access to deeply discounted, unlimited-ride transit passes. This flexible program allows you to pay for only those passes that are in use on a monthly basis. Metropass is available to organizations with five or more participants. Learn more.

Go-To Cards via and My Fare Card List

Your organization can use convenient online tools to distribute and add value to Go-To Cards. Find out more about adding stored value, stored rides and multi-day passes to Go-To Cards. Learn about ordering options and administrative tools such as My Fare Card List.

Pre-paid fares via order form

If the Metropass program or Go-To Cards don't meet your needs, consider the fare options below. Learn more about receiving a customer number and ordering these fare products.

Go-To lite Cards
Go-To lite Cards work similarly to Go-To Cards, but cannot be refilled or registered for balance protection. They are designed for customers who will be using transit for a limited time period. Learn more.

One-Ride Tickets
One-Ride Tickets are valid for any ride, up to a value of $3.00. You can purchase them for infrequent riders or those who would like to try riding transit before committing to a Go-To Card. One-Ride Tickets are available at no cost to Metropass organizations that give them to potential passholders.

Tokens are valid for bus and train fares. More than one token is required for rides on express buses during rush hours and for Northstar service. Tokens are available to those with a wholesale account and must be distributed to transit riders at no cost.


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