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Better Bus Stops

Take care of your community – Adopt-A-Stop!

Metro Transit employees volunteer to pick up trash as part of the Adopt A Stop program.

Adopt-A-Stop is a program that helps businesses, individuals, community organizations and schools make a real difference in their neighborhoods by "adopting" local transit stops.

Metro Transit employees make regular visits to shelters (in some cases, daily) to make sure that they are clean and damage-free. An adopter assists us by joining us in this work and alerting us to special maintenance needs and reporting vandalism or suspicious activity.

Benefits of Adopting-A-Stop

When you or your group adopts a stop, you’ll help us keep area bus stops, shelters, and stations safe and clean. And the community will see you or your organization as a "good neighbor" that cares about its environment when we hang a sign with your name at the stop. As an extra thank you, you’ll receive 10 free rides for every month you adopt a stop.

How to Adopt-A-Stop

Complete and sign the Adopt-A-Stop agreement. You can fill it out online and email it to or print it out, complete it, and mail it to: Customer Relations, Attn: Adopt A Stop, 560 6th Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55411

Questions? Call Customer Relations at 612-373-3333.