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Get involved in your community

Adopt a shelter bus stop

Adopt-A-Shelter is a program that helps businesses, individuals, community organizations and schools make a real difference in their neighborhoods by "adopting" local bus shelters.

Metro Transit staff make regular visits to shelters (in some cases, daily) to make sure that they are clean and damage-free. An adopter, whether it's an individual or a group, assists us by alerting us to special maintenance needs and reporting vandalism or suspicious activity. In short, you help us keep your community safe and clean.

Together we make a commitment to the community and to the people we both serve.

When you or your group adopts a shelter, we'll make sure the community knows about it. First we'll hang a sign with your name on the outside of the shelter. Then we'll send a media release to local newspapers so you receive the recognition you deserve.

With the Adopt-A-Shelter program, you help us keep area bus shelters safe and clean. And the community will see you or your organization as a "good neighbor" that cares about its environment.

How do you Adopt-A-Shelter?

Metro Transit bus shelter

Contact Metro Transit and give us the location of the shelter you or your organization wants to adopt. We'll send you an agreement and answer any questions you may have. You can contact Bill Hultberg at 612-349-7468 or

Once a representative from your organization signs the agreement, we'll provide you with trash bags and safety training information so you can begin to clean and make improvements to the shelter immediately.

Take an active part in enhancing your community by adopting a Metro Transit shelter!