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Filming and Photography

Individuals seeking to film or take photographs on Metro Transit property and vehicles are required to work with Metro Transit to ensure all activities are done safely and responsibly. Please submit a request by completing and submitting the following form at least two months prior to when you plan to film or take photos.

Please include preferred date(s) and time(s). If your request involves an in-service bus or train, please indicate the boarding location and specific boarding time (find stop numbers and schedules). Please consider providing at least one alternative date/time.


Metro Transit will provide guidance to ensure filming and photography is done in accordance with Metro Transit policies. General guidelines are as follows:

  • Request complies with the General Guidelines for use of Metro Transit property.
  • Cast and crew must follow transit safety guidelines, including special guidance provided by Metro Transit.
  • Cast and crew members must have a valid fare while on transit property unless otherwise allowed by Metro Transit.
  • Cast and crew members must have valid and visible identification while on transit property.
  • Metro Transit employees and customers not involved in the photo or film project should not appear in any photo or video without express written consent.
  • All third-party advertising, including exterior ads on buses or trains, must be excluded from any photo or video.
  • A designated contact must be identified and available by phone while photography and/or filming occur.
  • Requestor will indemnify the Council/Metro Transit of any intellectual property rights claims.
  • Requestor agrees to cover all costs Metro Transit incurs as a result of the request, including an administrative fee of $500 plus any costs incurred by Metro Transit staff time for maintenance, set up and clean-up costs or other expenses depending on the specifics of the requests.

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By checking the box below, you are indicating that all the information on this form is accurate and that you have read and will agree to the conditions above, if this request is approved.

Questions can be directed to:
Imee Clark, Facilities Administrator
[email protected]
Phone: 612-349-7369