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Public Art Project Proposal Form

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Metro Transit Usage and Partnership Proposals:

Public Art

Please use this application to propose a non-permanent public art or community-based project on or near Metro Transit property.

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Basic Information

(i.e. 50th Street Blue Line Station, 80th Street & Maple Road bus stop - please include a map link of the site or send in a separate email with map attached to [email protected])

Nature of Project

Please include media, size, number of people, style of art, community involvement in the creation, how your project relates to the site and/or neighborhood, etc.


Maintenance Needs

Note: maintenance needs above and beyond standard Metro Transit maintenance will need to be taken care of by the artist/group.

Technical Support

Note: Project proposer, depending on the project, may need to enter a written agreement with Metro Transit that details the project and responsibility and/or may need to take an online safety course for working near a light-rail line.

Community Support and Information Gathering

All houses and businesses with a view of the project location must be informed of this project and encouraged to express their concerns or support of the project. Groups should work with their local community district or council to create awareness of the project.


Metro Transit ordinances require that any person(s) installing or working on public projects involving heavy or dangerous materials or working in potentially dangerous situations (on scaffolding or ladders taller than 6 feet, in roadways, etc.) must have liability insurance worth $1,000,000 for the period of activity on Metro Transit property. Metro Transit must be written into the policy as co-insured. Proof of insurance is required before projects can begin.


The review panel needs to know what your art work will look like and how it will fit on the property. Please send an aerial map, plus photos, drawings, and/or designs of proposed temporary art work to [email protected].

Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to submit a proposal. Your proposal will be reviewed by Metro Transit staff and either approved, approved with conditions or denied. Results will be communicated within two to three weeks of submittal. Please submit questions to:

Mark Granlund
Public Art Administrator
[email protected]