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Network Now

Frequently asked questions

What will Network Now accomplish over the next year?

Network Now started with a regional discussion on values around transit services. We also talked about transit service changes since 2020. Now we will begin looking at how to adapt our network. From there we will discuss what service we will provide now and then begin to identify plans for improving service between now and 2027. 

What is the timeline for Network Now?

Network Now project phases timeline

Will Network Now officially eliminate bus routes?

Yes, as part of the process of confirming the network of today, Network Now will conduct a process to formally eliminate bus routes. Bus routes will be eliminated based on current needs or our ability to provide the service in the near-term. 

Will I know when my bus route will return or have better service? 

The Network Now plan will not give exact dates for when a new service could begin or when additional resources could be added to existing routes. However, you will know where that service is ranked. As resources allow, service will be added. 

Could new routes be added?

Yes, as part of the planning effort to adapt our service and plan towards 2027, new routes can be identified and included in the plan. 

Could existing routes be modified?

Yes, routes could be combined or reshaped to best meet the needs of our region. 

What will be included in the recommended plan? 

The plan will include a decision-making framework, the Metro Transit network of today, and scenarios for service improvements through 2027. 

Given current ridership, should Metro Transit be adding service? 

Ridership has been steadily increasing, even as the supply of transit has declined. All our recent service cuts have been due to a shortage of drivers. 

Why does Metro Transit want to hear from me for Network Now?

Over the last three years Metro Transit has had to make changes to transit service in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, a shortage of transit operators, and increases in remote work. Metro Transit wants to ensure that community voices and values are reflected as we plan for the next five years. Those voices and values start with you!

Network Now is designed to ensure that Metro Transit is listening to community needs and values while making decisions about transit service changes. This project will create a framework for our team as they make transit service changes over the next five years.

Will Network Now change plans for new bus rapid transit and light rail projects?

No, Network Now will not change the plans for capital projects. However, we will explore service needs and plans for each line that opens before 2027. Major capital projects require significant investment in funding and staff time. Delaying projects in queue could put them at risk and increase costs. They also take a long time to develop and many changes will have already occurred before they open. 

Is Network Now different from the Metropolitan Council’s Transportation Policy Plan? 

Yes, Network Now helps Metro Transit make short-term decisions over the next five years. The Transportation Policy Plan is working on setting the course to 2050.

I still have questions what should I do?

Connect with our community outreach coordinators. They can answer your questions or can attend your community event.