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Midtown Corridor Alternatives Analysis

Lake Street

Midtown Greenway The Midtown Corridor Alternatives Analysis will determine the benefits, costs and impacts of implementing a transitway along either the Midtown Greenway or Lake Street in south Minneapolis. The project also will recommend the best method of delivering transit service in the Midtown Corridor: light rail, streetcar, busway or bus rapid transit. 
Metro Transit is partnering with the City of Minneapolis, Hennepin County and other community groups on the project. The purpose of a transit improvement in the Midtown Corridor is to provide high-quality, convenient transit service that meets current and future travel needs, attracts new riders, and supports sustainable growth and development in the corridor. 
What are the desired outcomes of a Midtown Corridor transitway?
  • Increase transit use among corridor residents and visitors
  • Improve regional mobility and local access to jobs and activities
  • Catalyze and support economic development along the corridor
  • Support a healthier community and improve the overall environment

Corridor Map