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Facilities & People

Metro Transit employs more than 3,200 individuals, including more than 1,500 bus drivers and train operators. Learn more about working at Metro Transit and search for career opportunities at

Metro Transit Campus 

Fred T. Heywood Office Building and Garage

560 Sixth Avenue North, Minneapolis
Office serves as Metro Transit's administrative and operational headquarters. In addition to bus maintenance and storage, Heywood Garage is home to Metro Transit's Customer Relations Department, including Lost & Found. 

Metro Transit Office & Police Facility

560 Sixth Avenue North, Minneapolis
Headquarters for the Metro Transit Police Department, administrative offices, employee common areas and meeting rooms. 

Transit Control Center

Bus operations monitoring and support

Operations Support Center

725 North 7th Street, Minneapolis
Instruction Center and electronics repair

Service garages

North Loop Garage

600 8th Avenue North, Minneapolis
Bus maintenance and storage

East Metro Transit Facility

820 L’Orient Street, St. Paul
Bus maintenance and storage

Nicollet Garage

10 West 32nd Street, Minneapolis
Bus maintenance and storage

South Garage

2100 MTC Road, Minneapolis
Bus maintenance and storage

Overhaul Base

515 North Cleveland Avenue, St. Paul
Bus and non-revenue fleet maintenance

Rail support facilities

Blue Line Operations & Maintenance Facility

1810 East Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis
Light rail vehicle storage and maintenance

Green Line Operations & Maintenance Facility

340 Broadway Street, St. Paul
Light rail vehicle storage and maintenance

Light Rail Support Facility

1917 24th Street East, Minneapolis
Signals/communications, traction power, and track support.

Commuter Rail Operations & Maintenance Facility

19699 County Road 43, Big Lake
Vehicle storage and maintenance

Transfer Road

677 Transfer Road, St. Paul
Engineering & Facilities, Shelter Maintenance, Transit Police East Command