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South Garage

Metro Transit's South Garage

2100 MTC Road, Minneapolis

Description: South Garage opened in 1980 and is located southwest of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, near the Interstate 494 and Highway 77 interchange. Buses are stored, maintained and fueled at the garage. A fleet of nearly 150 buses is stored at the garage, including 40-foot, articulated and coach models.

Staff: More than 200 bus drivers as well as 50 bus maintenance and support personnel. There are also five dispatchers and a dozen administrators.

Routes: More than 30 routes serving Minneapolis, St. Paul and the southern suburbs operate out of South Garage. There are more than 200 bus pullouts every weekday. Contracted service on Route 467, an express service from Lakeville to Minneapolis, began in 2010 and has since been expanded to 13 morning and afternoon trips.

Fun Fact: South Garage is the only garage with buses that provide lower-level service at the 46th Street Station. Service began in 2010.