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Nicollet Garage

The entrance to Metro Transit's Nicollet Garage

10 West 32nd Street, Minneapolis

Description: Nicollet Garage is located southwest of the Lake Street and Nicollet Avenue intersection, in the Lyndale neighborhood. This is the most urban setting of any Metro Transit garage. The facility is built to limit impacts on surrounding property owners. Administrators and other Metro Transit staff were based at Nicollet Garage until Heywood Garage opened in 1984. In 1991, the garage was rebuilt, replacing a turn-of-the-century facility that housed streetcars and was converted to bus use in 1953. Today there are around 150 buses at the Nicollet Garage that primarily provide urban local service in Minneapolis. No articulated buses are kept at the garage. Because of its local focus, Nicollet Garage buses spend almost all of their time in revenue operation.

Staff: Around 300 drivers, and more than 30 mechanics

Routes:  Primarily urban local service with service to downtown Minneapolis. Popular routes include the 17, 18 and 21.