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METRO E Line Corridor Study

Recommended Alignment

Based on the work completed in the Corridor Study, Metro Transit is recommending that the E Line operate along 4th Street and University Avenue, through downtown and Uptown on Hennepin Avenue, to Southdale Transit Center via 44th Street and France Avenue.

When E Line begins service, Metro Transit plans to simplify Route 6 to travel from downtown Minneapolis to Minnesota Drive and France Avenue primarily via Hennepin Avenue and Xerxes Avenue, stopping at Southdale Center along the way.

Metro Transit is seeking feedback on the recommended alignment and planned connecting bus service through Nov. 30. Please review the interactive map of the recommended alignment and submit your comments and join us at our upcoming Open Houses

E Line Corridor Study development

Metro Transit's 2012 rapid bus study identified a Hennepin bus rapid transit line that would travel four miles from downtown Minneapolis to the future West Lake Street Station on the METRO Green Line extension. Since that time, community members have expressed interest in a longer E Line to serve more places along the Route 6 corridor. The E Line Corridor Study was undertaken to determine whether other parts of the Route 6 corridor should become part of the E Line.

Initial alignment options 

In fall 2018, Metro Transit developed and collected community feedback on seven different routing options south of Uptown, and two for the northern terminal. Metro Transit evaluated multiple inputs such as existing ridership, population and employment density, key destinations, and community feedback to narrow the options to advance for further study. 

Advanced alignment options

In spring 2019, Metro Transit staff recommended that the E Line cross the river from downtown Minneapolis into the Marcy-Holmes and Dinkytown areas, ending at either Stadium Village or Westgate Station. Metro Transit is continuing to evaluate ending at either Stadium Village or Westgate Station based on E Line support facility needs.

At that time, Metro Transit also recommended narrowing down to three options for the southern portion of the E Line. All three options would end at Southdale Transit Center with routing either on Xerxes Avenue, France Avenue, or a mixture of both.

Recommended alignment

Additional analysis of the three advanced alternatives led to the recommended alignment along 44th Street and France Avenue. Comparison between these alternatives showed little significant difference between them across measures of population and employment density, benefit to populations of concern and benefit to existing Route 6 customers.

The alignment along France Avenue allows the E Line to serve major regional commercial areas with many jobs at 44th Street and France Avenue and 50th Street and France Avenue, as well as the Fairview Southdale Hospital, an important regional destination.

The E Line project team will continue to engage transit riders, corridor residents, businesses and organizations in the corridor study planning process to solicit their input and respond to their needs and concerns.