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B Line

Community members voice support for the METRO B Line

Posted by John Komarek | Thursday, May 2, 2019 11:52:00 AM

The proposed METRO B Line promises to provide fast, frequent service connecting Minneapolis and Saint Paul along Lake Street/Marshall, and potentially along Selby to downtown Saint Paul.

At South High School, community members got their first look at some of the proposed B Line and give feedback.

For transit riders Hannah and Hattie, they agree that having the B Line is appealing. Both commute to downtown Saint Paul via express routes, but once there ride the current route 21 frequently.

“I’d love to have the flexibility to leave the office mid-day and not have to figure out bus schedules,” Hannah said. “And with consistency and frequency, I wouldn’t need to. I can’t wait for the METRO B Line.”

METRO Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) services like the B Line offer pickups about every 10-15 minutes all-day.

Hannah and Hattie at an open house at South High School. Both were eager to share their excitement about the METRO B Line.

Hattie’s a biker who uses transit and supports the B Line because it’s a faster option than the current Route 21, which she finds to be occasionally late.

“Fast and frequent pickups sound great, especially when I bike to stations,” Hattie said. “I won’t have to worry about timing it just right to match a schedule.”

A new proposal to extend the B Line along Selby Avenue to downtown Saint Paul is one of the reasons Metro Transit is out in the community getting feedback.

Part of the B Line implementation would be improvements along the corridor that help lessen the effects of traffic and improve transit services, like bus bump outs, improved bus shelters, and a fleet of buses to match the promised frequency.

Community groups like the Lake Street Council also see the potential benefits of the B Line for the Lake Street corridor.

“Improved transit options will make it easier for customers and employees to reach their destinations on Lake Street,” Matt Kazinka, Sustainability Program Coordinator said. "We're hopeful that Metro Transit's investment in the B Line will make the street more welcoming and accessible."

Outreach with the community will continue through the beginning of 2020. Pending full funding, station design will occur in 2020-2021 and construction in 2022.

Find out if there’s an upcoming community session near you or visit the METRO B Line Project page for more information.