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Winter weather brings out the best

Posted by Drew Kerr | Thursday, February 23, 2023 9:05:00 PM

It’s not often we suggest people limit their travel. Thank you to those who played it safe and helped us do our job serving people who really needed it.

Those who rode it out with us had some kind things to say, too. A sampling of what we heard:

A HUGE thank you to Metro Transit, today and everyday! I am dependent on the buses and GREATLY APPRECIATE your getting me to and home from work safely. I take the 18 and 515 in the morning. I start work at 6 AM. The 6 and 23 in the afternoon.

This is the BEST driver I've ever had!!! I've been taking bus/train for 16 years. He's Amazing. Made sure everyone was on the correct bus. Tells the stops coming up. So Friendly!!! Please hire more of him!!!😁 (Editors note: Working on it.)

I don’t know this bus driver’s name but they are often driving the bus I take in the morning. Every morning, every stop they make sure they pull to the curb in a way that makes it as safe as possible for riders to get on and off the bus. That’s a big deal with all this ice. Every rider, this driver waits for them to get seated before taking off. This morning, they announced we could sign up for alerts on the Metro Transit web site which I had not known. Overall, I appreciate this driver’s thoughtfulness and kindness.

The drivers of the 11 bus are always kind and careful. Yesterday in particular during the beginning of round 2 of snowstorm, the driver was especially conscientious and nice. In spite of road conditions, the 11 yesterday was only maybe a minute or so late. Just wanted to say thank you to the drivers of Metro Transit for getting people where they need to be in such extreme conditions! 💕

Taylor, a chef at Noyes & Cutler in Lowertown, was grateful for a ride on Route 64 while his vehicle was in the shop. We're friends now. 

We love you, too. Operator Bar Russell tells it like it is.

(Operators are awesome. Help us remind of that on Transit Driver Appreciation Day coming up on March 18.)


  • We do everything to avoid these situations but a few buses did get stuck out there. Thanks to the Bus Maintenance staff who get us back on track.
  • Buses were mostly on time – the longest delay was an average of five minutes, on Thursday morning. Trains are built for this stuff.
  • Trips got cancelled. We don’t have as many operators as we’d like (we’re hiring!), which means we feel it when staff can’t get to work.    
  • We have a small facilities staff. We have been doing our best to clear stations, transit centers and support facilities. Snow removal procedures here. (You can do us a solid by helping to clear bus stops.)

(Psst. We're hiring train operators, too.)

Some friendly reminders for next time: When weather is having a large impact, we regularly communicate systemwide delays on social media. But more importantly we have NexTrip, which let’s you see buses and trains in real-time. Wants texts/emails about your route? Sign up for Rider Alerts. They're on Twitter, too. 

Now, go enjoy the snow! Route 7 will get you to Theodore Wirth – catch it at the Blue Line’s 46th Street Station or the Green Line’s West Bank Station.