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TAP Partners

People across the metro area need resources to deal with tough times. But sometimes what they need most is to be able to get to those resources. Lack of affordable transportation can keep people from dealing with financial hardship.

What is TAP?

The Transit Assistance Program (TAP) is designed to make public transit more affordable for people with lower incomes. TAP provides a reduced fare pass on a Go-To Card. It allows customers to use a bus or train for just $1 per ride – even during rush hour – including a 2½ hour transfer. That’s at least a 50% discount.

How it works

Go-To Cards with a TAP pass look the same and have all the same benefits of other Go-To Cards – like storing transfers and balance protection. TAP customers can use it and preserve their privacy. The $1 fare lasts for a full year after the first use. If still eligible, it is easy to renew up to two months before the pass expires.

The discounted price is not valid on Metro Mobility or Transit Link buses and a partial discount is applied on Northstar fares.

Your organization can help. Become a TAP partner!

Community organizations like yours can become partners and distribute TAP directly to people who need it most. Becoming a TAP partner is free. We’ve tailored the program guidelines to make it simple, fast, and easy to get this resource to clients.

Community partners are a key to our success. They help spread the word about the benefits of a reduced fare to people across our region. Our community partners’ trusted staff and volunteers can easily add TAP to the resources they already provide to clients.

Right now, over half a million metro-area residents are eligible for TAP, but only a fraction have enrolled. Help us spread the word about this option that can help make tight budgets a bit easier to handle. We can help your program participants get the full benefits of affordable transit to reach the jobs, groceries, drugstores, housing, schools, and healthcare they need to live well.

Who is eligible?

Individuals with income levels at or below 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI) or 185% of Federal poverty guidelines or those supported by an organization enrolled in the Eligible Community Organization program (ECO) are qualified for the TAP reduced fare. In 2022, 50% of the area median income (AMI) for a family* of four is $58,650.

Partners can confirm income eligibility several ways:

  1. Directly, through means like looking at paystubs, tax returns, or income verification software.
  2. Indirectly, using one of our dozens of accepted documents like an EBT card, Medical Assistance card, or affordable housing voucher. See the full list at

Applicants must also present a photo ID or alternate form of identification like a utility statement or lease as proof of identity. US citizenship is not a requirement.


Ready to become a partner organization?

Contact TAP coordinator Andrea at [email protected] to set up a short call or meeting to go over the process and see if TAP is a good fit for your organization. When you’re ready to apply, fill out and submit the Application and Partnership Agreement.

Once approved, you will receive instructions on training on how to distribute cards and administer the program. The TAP Coordinator will then schedule a brief training for your staff.

Thanks for taking time to consider joining Metro Transit as a TAP partner!