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Transit Assistance Program (TAP) – Partner Information

The TAP program is designed to help makes public transit more affordable for low-income residents.

Community partners are a key element to ensure that persons across the region can enroll in TAP. This program allows for face-to-face communication with trusted partners to address questions on how the program works and its benefits to the rider. We hope TAP participants can ride safely, confidently and more often.

Persons certified as low income (see qualifications below) will have the ability to get a Go-To Card that, when you add money and tag it to a reader, you get a $1 fare plus a 2½ hour transfer.

How the TAP Card program works

Metro Transit is working with nonprofit Agencies and Community organizations to partner in the distribution of the TAP Go-To Card when riders meet the program enrollment qualifications. Partner approved organizations can be authorized to:

  1. Share/Promote the TAP card program information with your clients.
  2. Submit an approved agency certification which will be used for riders to enroll in TAP .
  3. Distribute and register the Go-To Cards to qualified riders on behalf of Metro Transit.
    • Current ECO partners already qualify to distribute TAP cards to their clients. If you are already receiving discounted fares (Jobseekers or ECO) you will not be able to get an additional discount when loading value on TAP cards.

When value is added to a TAP Card and tagged to a validator it will deduct $1 and include a 2½ hour transfer. This fare tool is accepted on buses and trains for regular route service at a flat fare at all times, including express buses. Metro Mobility and Transit Link rides will not get any discounts when riding. If riding Northstar, a prorated discount is applied.

Upon first use the Go-To Card discount will be given for 365 consecutive days, after which the card will revert to the full fare. No pass is available for TAP cards.

The TAP fare for 2019 is $1. The card will look no different than a regular Go-To Card and the rider will not need to present any additional documents.

TAP cards will not be eligible for balance transfer of any pass product. Stored Value cards that are registered to the TAP holder can be transferred. Example: if the rider already has a Go-To Card registered to themselves, Metro Transit can transfer the stored value to their TAP card and the old card will be deactivated.

TAP applicants must be income verified at or below the following to qualify:

  • 185% above Federal poverty guidelines
  • 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI)
  • Individuals supported by organization enrolled in the Eligible Community Organization program (ECO)

Community partners and organizations

All partners will be required to document that the persons they distribute the TAP Go-To Card to has meet the qualifications listed above.

Partners are encouraged to add value to TAP cards but no discount will be given to the organizations when loading TAP cards. Partners will receive training on tools available to add value to Go-To Cards.

Approved IDs

Metro Transit will accept pre-approved documents by submitted Community and Agency organizations that meet the qualifications above along with a photo ID or utility statement with a matching name.

Examples of ID's currently being accepted:

  • Verified EBT card getting SNAP benefits
  • Free/Reduced School lunch approval letter
  • WIC folder with your name on it
  • Approved public housing rent statement

Getting started

  1. All partners must complete the TAP Application.
  2. Partners wanting to distribute TAP cards must also complete the Partner Agreement.

Completed TAP applications and Partner Agreements can be either emailed to or print out the completed form/s and mail to Metro Transit, ATTN: Andrea Kiepe, 560 6th Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55411. 

Once approved, what is next?

Along with your approval you will get TAP Go-To Cards, instructions on how to order your TAP encoded cards online along with promotional material and additional information on the program.

Once your cards arrive you can begin to distribute them to qualified clients.

For each card you distribute, you will need to present the Metro Transit Tennessen warning, document enrollment information and help the client register the card online.

Enrollment information is required for audit review includes Date / Serial number of TAP card / Authorized Agency representative issuing card / Certification document used. If using EBT and last value add date of deposit will need to be recorded. This information can be recorded on a paper copy of the registration card or an in-house intake form and must be retained for one year.

Per the terms of the agreement, Metro Transit may audit your records to ensure that only certified persons are receiving the discount card for up to one year after the card is distributed.

Metro Transit will provide you user guides for each card. You can request translations in Spanish, Somali and Hmong.

Refilling TAP Go-To cards for organizations

If you choose to add value to TAP Go-To-Cards, you can do that online.

Metro Transit staff can help you create a “My Fare Card list” to keep track and manage cards. With My Fare Card list, you can check card balances, add value and/or deactivate cards on behalf of clients.

If you add value you can pay by credit card, or by working with our credit and collection specialist we can set you up for the Bill Me Later option, if approved. Bill Me later also allows you to create a spreadsheet that can be upload into our site if you have a large client list. Just ask us and we will walk you through the process.

TAP card holders can add value at or by calling 612-373-3333 option 4 with a credit card or at rail stations and any one of over 120 outlets.

> See the list of outlets


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