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NexTrip Partner Displays

Are you interested in displaying NexTrip – real-time transit departure information – in your building or lobby?

Metro Transit introduces NexTrip Partner Displays, which provides customized, location-specific information feeds to interested partners. If you have a monitor and working internet connection, Metro Transit will develop a webpage showing NexTrip and nearby stop locations for your building. We’ll make sure the information stays up-to-date if schedules or service change. Setting up the site is free. Commercial, public, and housing buildings within Metro Transit’s service area are eligible to participate.

What does my building need to participate? 

  • Monitor – Select the size and placement that best meets the needs of your building users and the physical space. The webpage displaying information is designed to work for standard resolutions (1280 x 720, 1600 x 900, and 1920 x 1080). Metro Transit is happy to advise if a partner has questions about size, placement, and/or what would work best for your space.
  • Computer – The display site works with any up-to-date Web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) and operating system. If the monitor is only going to be used to display this website, a high-powered computer isn’t necessary. A repurposed laptop or simple single-board computer work for this application.
  • Standard Power and Internet Connections 
  • Mounting / Securement – This is up to the partner depending on what is needed for their space, and how the area where the display is placed is used. Some basic maintenance may be required occasionally (e.g., refreshing the browser, restarting the computer or monitor), so make sure the equipment can be accessed.

Interested in learning more about getting a customized display for your building? 

Complete this form – Metro Transit staff will follow up to get you started

Interested in NexTrip real-time information, but want to customize your own feed?

Metro Transit makes real-time departure information available publicly through an API.
Find departure times and documentation to build your own display here:

Issues with your display? Follow these steps to resolve most issues

  • Refresh the Web browser
  • Make sure the internet connection and power connection are working
  • Restart the computer
  • Make sure the Web address is entered correctly

For more information, email [email protected] or call 612-349-7414.