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Transit Police Awards

Metro Transit Police Awards

The Metro Transit Police Department annually recognizes officers and civilian personnel who demonstrate the department’s core values.

Officer of the Year

MTPD Chief Ernest Morales III, Officers of the Year Daniel Hughes (2021), Juan Peralta (2022), and former MTPD Chief Eddie Frizell

Awarded to full-time police officers for outstanding individual performance and dedicated commitment to professional law enforcement.

The 2021 and 2022 Officers of the Year, Officer Daniel Hughes and Juan Peralta, in center, are field training officers who work closely with new officers. They are both active in the National Latino Peace Officers Association.

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Previous Officers of the Year
2022 Juan Peralta
2021 Daniel Hughes
2020 Sgt. Kelly Franco
2019 Frank Hintz
2018 Michael Carchedi and Joseph Affeldt
2017 Timothy Lawrence
2016 Katherine Spear
2015 Leonard Mitchell
2014 Daniel Wallace, Matthew Wilkinson
2013 Andrew Schroeder
2012 Adam Marvin
2011 Leonard Keyes

Timothy Bowe Memorial Award

The Timothy Bowe Memorial Award is given to a part-time officer who displays exceptional professionalism and dedication. It is named after Minnesota State Patrol Cpl. Timothy Bowe, who served as a part-time Metro Transit police officer. Bowe lost his life in the line of duty in 1997.

Previous Timothy Bowe Memorial Award honorees
2022 Robert Doerfler
2021 Marty Williams
2020 Jake Ayers
2019 Sithyyvon Chau
2018 Chad Loeffler
2017 Michael Holtmeier
2016 James Galland
2015 Santiago Rodriguez
2014 Michael Sheady
2013 Sithyvon Chau
2012 Marty Williams
2011 David Minkel