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Penn and Lowry

The Penn & Lowry Station will include a northbound and a southbound platform. The northbound station will be on the northeast corner of the intersection and the southbound station will be on the northwest corner of the intersection. Platforms will be constructed generally within the existing street curb lines. Standard station features include an enhanced shelter with heat and light, an information pylon with a real-time bus arrival display, a bench, a trash / recycling receptacle, bike parking, security features, ticket machines and a Go-To Card reader.

This station will be built as part of a reconstruction of the Penn & Lowry Avenue intersection, in conjunction with a full rebuild of Penn Avenue between West Broadway and Lowry Avenue. Metro Transit, Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis are partnering to improve Penn Avenue and implement the vision of the Penn Avenue Community Works planning process. The Station & Intersection Design tab below shows what improvements are planned for this intersection.

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Snelling and Grand Station Example

Pictured: Snelling & Grand Station on the Metro Transit A Line

Station Plan Penn and Lowry

Platform Penn and Lowry