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For existing Go-To Card Retail Outlets

Thank you for partnering with Metro Transit to sell and refill Go-To Cards. Encourage all staff that is selling and refilling Go-To Cards to watch this brief training video.

Common Forms

To order retail outlet supplies such as Go-To Card user guides, receipt paper and Go-To Card stock submit the order form titled "Go-To Card Fare Retailers" after you have created an account.

To report recent discrepancies between the money collected and the Go-To Card sales amount submit an error report.


Contact Us

For questions about EFT or billing please contact:

Supervisor of Retail Sales


Troubleshooting and technical support:

Complete these steps prior to reporting your Go-To Card sales device out of service.

1. Does the machine have receipt paper?
2. Are both power cards plugged in and is there power to both devices?
3. Is the phone jack securely plugged in?
4. Turn off the power strip - wait 10 seconds - turn it back on.

If the device still isn't working properly please contact us and leave a message. Technicians will return calls within four hours on weekdays and within the same day on weekends. Calls received after 4 p.m. may not be returned until the following day.

Technical Support


For potential Go-To Card Retail Outlets

If you're interested in selling and refilling Go-To Cards at your location watch this brief video below. If you think your location would be an excellent fit and anticipate weekly sales of $1,000 or more please contact us.

Supervisor of Retail Sales


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