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Other fare programs

Affordable Benefits for Organizations of Any Size

Providing transit benefits saves your employees or members money (click here to learn about tax benefits or credits) while helping them reach their destinations. If the Metropass, College Pass or Student Pass programs don’t meet your needs, there are other options.

Each option is tailored to a type of organization or participant. Many organizations use multiple programs (for example, Metropass along with My Fare Card List) to meet the needs of those who ride transit.

Organization Requirements My Fare Card List Pre-paid fares
  Metro Transit online store order form
No minimum purchase required X  
$200 minimum purchase per order   X
Stable employee or client base* X  
Variable employee or client base**   X
Participants prefer disposable or single use pre-paid fares such as Go-To lite Cards and tokens   X
Participants prefer Go-To Cards; administrators don’t distribute cards every month X  
Administrator must pay by credit card (invoice option available for large-volume online store customers and all order form customers) X  

*Your organization plans to recharge each participant's card at least three times and/or expects them to ride for at least three months.

**For those who may ride for fewer than three months.




Available Fare Products My Fare Card List Pre-paid fares
  Metro Transit online store order form
Go-To Cards: stored value, stored rides, multi-day passes X  
Go-To lite Cards: stored rides (adults and students), multi-day passes X (10 Rides for adults only) X
Tokens   X
One-ride tickets   X







My Fare Card List at (credit card)


With an account, purchase and manage Go-To Cards for eligible participants. A Go-To Card is the most flexible way to pay fares and allows groups to purchase a variety of fares (stored value, stored rides, multi-day passes, etc.). An administrator can manage up to 100 Go-To Cards using My Fare Card List and submit payment in a single transaction. The transit user benefits from discounted rides and from paying with pre-tax dollars, if applicable. Your organization benefits from offering a great transit benefit without the hassle of distributing passes each month.


Managing Go-To Cards with My Fare Card List


  1. Create an account
  2. Place an initial Go-To Card order in the Online Store
  3. Once you receive the cards, create a “My Fare Card List” within the store
  4. Distribute Go-To Cards to participants and be sure to record a name or other identifier in the Nickname field
  5. If necessary, you can add stored value, stored rides or multi-day passes to Go-To Cards with a credit card in one easy transaction


New! Be invoiced for orders!


If your organization purchases fares for a large number of customers (100+) and you would prefer not to pay by credit card, you may be eligible to receive an invoice from Metro Transit for each online order and not settle by credit card at the time of purchase.


To determine if your organization would be eligible, please contact us today.


Pre-paid fares via order form


If your organization does not qualify for any pass programs and managing Go-To Cards online does not meet your needs, ordering fares via this order form is likely the best option – its flexibility is preferred by many social service agencies and non-profits with different clients each month. Please contact us to set up a wholesale account and receive a customer number that allows your organization to purchase pre-paid fares. If your organization distributes fare to homeless individuals or those seeking employment, you may be eligible for discounts.


Already have a customer number with Metro Transit? Access order form here


Learn more


If your organization is interested in offering transit benefits, find out more by contacting the local outreach specialist or Metro Transit today.