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About NexTrip

Stay in the know with NexTrip

No need to guess when your next bus or train will depart.* NexTrip gets you what you need, right now! NexTrip provides real-time bus departure times for all Metro Transit buses, trains, and most regional buses to help you better plan your commute. 

Onboard computers track a vehicle's GPS location. As a bus travels along a route, NexTrip tracks its location in relation to specific timepoints. It updates automatically every few seconds.

If a bus is expected – based on its current travel speed – to leave a stop within the next 20 minutes, NexTrip displays the number of minutes to departure ("6 Min") along with a pulsing icon Artwork of pulsing icon to indicate live information. Outside the 20-minute window, scheduled times ("2:17") will appear without the pulsing icons. Note: Always arrive at the stop at least five minutes before the scheduled time.

Because NexTrip tracks location based on stops along the route, if a bus has to make an unexpected detour off its regular route – for example, to avoid an obstruction or congestion – it will not be displayed in NexTrip. Until the bus returns to its regular route, NexTrip will display only scheduled times.

* Departure times are estimates. Buses and trains are subject to delays based on traffic and other conditions. Always arrive at your stop five minutes before the NexTrip or scheduled time.

How to access NexTrip

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NexTrip appears in Trip Tools menu. Choose your route, direction, and location – or just use your Stop Number.

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By phone

Call 612-373-3333: Select your language, press 1, say “bus stop” then state or enter your Stop Number or choose by route, direction, and stop location.

Text iconText message (SMS)

Text your Stop Number to 50934. Example: “50196” will give times for Stop Number 50196. Add a space between the Stop Number and a route to get times for that specific route. Example: text “50196 17” for Route 17 times at Stop 50196. 

Stop Numbers are posted at bus stops and METRO stations. You can look up a Stop Number using our Stops & Stations tool and entering an address or by using the Interactive Map.

Additional information about NexTrip by text/SMS:

  • Message and data rates may apply.

  • You will receive one message in response to the message you initiate.

  • If you have issues with the messaging program, you can reply with the keyword “HELP” for more assistance, or you can get help directly at by calling 612-373-3333.

  • You will not receive a text message from NexTrip if you do not first send a text message to NexTrip.

  • Terms of Service are available at 

  • Privacy policy (Tennessen Warning) available at