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Metropass Administrator

For Metropass Administrators

With Metropass, your employees gain access to deeply discounted, unlimited-ride transit passes. This flexible program allows you to pay for only those passes that are in use on a monthly basis.

How it works

Each participating organization assigns a Metropass administrator. This person manages the program through an online administrator site, using it to track current passes and participants, temporarily suspend or cancel passes, issue replacement passes, and manage billing information. Being an administrator is not time consuming and takes less than an hour per month on average.

To participate, an organization must agree to these terms:

  • Commit to participate for one year in the program; after one year, the organization is on a monthly billing cycle with no annual commitment

  • Promote the program to eligible participants

Once an agreement is signed with the Metropolitan Council, enrollment begins!

  • Set up an account on the secure administrator site (an invitation will be emailed)

  • Enter the names of your new participants in the administrator site

Distribute Metropasses and remind participants of the terms of use.

  • Participants must validate every ride by touching their pass to the reader located on the bus or at METRO and Northstar stations. Failure to do so may result in card deactivation or revocation.

  • Metropass is non-transferable; it cannot be used by anyone other than the individual named on the pass

  • The Metropass must be signed

  • A valid ID must be presented upon request by Metro Transit Police

Ordering, canceling, replacing, and suspending passes

All administrator functions described below can be completed on the administrator site. Please refer to the calendar in the administrative portal to determine a delivery date for new Metropasses. 

Ordering passes

To request passes for new participants, submit their names and optional unique identification numbers under the Enroll Participant(s) option in the administrator site. 

Canceling passes

If a participant leaves the organization or chooses to cancel his or her pass, promptly deactivate it to avoid paying for an additional month. Deactivations received after the 25th of the month will be billed. 

Replacing lost, stolen, or defective passes

If a participant's card is lost or stolen, the administrator should deactivate the old pass and request a replacement. A pass can be replaced up to two times per year for each participant.

Suspending passes

A participant is allowed to temporarily suspend his or her pass for up to three months. There is no replacement fee since a new pass is not produced. NOTE: Currently we are asking administrators to refrain from using the suspend feature.

Payment information

Prior to the 25th of each month, the administrator downloads an "active pass" report in the administrator site. The administrator verifies the list of active passes and cancels passes as necessary. After the last day of the billing cycle, Metro Transit views the "active pass" report and sends a bill for those passes plus any adjustments made due to replacements.

Temporary passes

You will receive a small quantity of temporary Metropasses, which are intended only for participants waiting for a replacement pass, not new enrollees. The employer is responsible for collecting the temporary pass from the employee when issued their permanent Metropass.

My Fare Card List

If Metropass doesn’t work for your organization, another option is to purchase and manage Go-To Cards for eligible participants via My Fare Card List. An administrator can manage up to 100 Go-To Cards using My Fare Card List and submit payment in a single transaction.