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My Fare Card List

Easily manage your Go-To Cards

My Fare Card List is a way to manage a variety of fares (stored value, stored rides, multi-day passes, etc.) on a number of Go-To Cards. An administrator can manage up to 100 Go-To Cards using My Fare Card List and submit payment in a single transaction. The transit user benefits from discounted rides and paying with pre-tax dollars, if applicable. The organization benefits from offering a great transit benefit without the hassle of distributing passes each month. Contact an Outreach Specialist for help setting up an account.

Managing Go-To Cards with My Fare Card List

  1. Create an account 

  2. Place an initial Go-To Card order in the Online Store 

  3. Once you receive the cards, create a “My Fare Card List” within the store

  4. Distribute Go-To Cards to participants and be sure to record a name or other identifier in the Nickname field

  5. If necessary, you can add stored value, stored rides or multi-day passes to Go-To Cards with a credit card in one easy transaction

Invoicing orders

If your organization purchases fares for a large number of customers (100+) and you would prefer not to pay by credit card, you may be eligible to receive an invoice from Metro Transit for each online order. To determine if your organization would be eligible, please contact us today.