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Leukemia diagnosis, love of transit lead mother-daughter to Adopt-A-Stop program

Posted by Drew Kerr | Wednesday, February 28, 2024 9:42:00 PM

Keshawn and Josephine Williams at the bus stop they adopted near Bruce Vento Elementary School.

People have a lot of reasons for adopting bus stops and light rail stations through the Adopt-A-Stop program.

For Keshawn Williams and her daughter Josephine, the inspiration came from an unlikely place – a leukemia diagnosis that hospitalized Josephine in 2023.

Before the diagnosis, Keshawn and Josephine regularly rode Metro Transit together, bringing supplies to parties outfitted through Keshawn’s business, Keshawn’s Characters.

After Josephine became sick, she encouraged her mother to maintain her business. So, Keshawn continued working, taking buses to parties and to the hospital to check-in on her daughter.

Through that experience, joining the Adopt-A-Stop program became a natural way for the mother-daughter duo to strengthen their connection to a service that has brought them together over the years.

They’ve now adopted three stops, including the one outside the Bruce Vento Elementary School Josephine attends. The pair regularly visits each stop to pick up litter.

"Metro Transit helped me through that time (when Josephine was sick),” Keshawn said. “I couldn't have done it without the help of Metro Transit, so when I heard about the Adopt-a-Stop program, I said, ‘That's a way I could give back.’”

Combined, more than 300 bus stops and light rail stations have now been adopted through the Adopt-A-Stop program. Adopters volunteer to pick up garbage and report issues that need to be addressed by facilities maintenance staff.

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