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Know Your Operator

Know Your Operator: Ron Williams

Posted by John Komarek | Wednesday, April 20, 2022 3:12:00 PM

Ron Williams wishes he would have applied to Metro Transit earlier.

“My dad told me to apply in 1987 when I was working multiple jobs,” Williams said. “It’s a stable job with great pay and benefits.”

He waited to apply because he still had a few tickets on his driving record and continued working two to three jobs, including driving cab and shining shoes. He joined transit as a part-time bus operator in 1992, and today, he celebrates 25 consecutive years of safe driving at transit.

“At first, I was scared of driving the bus, it was like driving a whole room,” he said. “I overcame my fear with experience and great training. Now it’s second nature.”

Operating a bus is what he says he needed to focus on and learn because the customer service part came naturally.

“I love people and want to do good for the community,” Williams said. “It’s one of the best jobs you can have.”

The first few years he worked part-time until he was able to move into a full-time role in 1996 – when he decided to stop working any other job outside of transit.

“Those first few years felt like an eternity as I waited to go full-time,” he said. “Now operators can go full-time right away.”

And as he approaches retirement, he’s amazed at how quickly time flew by after settling into his role.

“Thirty years went by quickly,” Williams said. “I’m so glad I’m here. It really doesn’t seem so long ago that I just started!”

Operator at a Glance

  • Hired: 1992
  • Routes:
  • Garage: Nicollet
  • Family: Happily married to a woman he met onboard Route 16.
  • Lives: Lakeville
  • Best advice: “Take it one trip or one block at a time.”

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