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From the GM

From the General Manager: Help us show more people what we have to offer  

Posted by Drew Kerr | Wednesday, April 10, 2024 8:15:00 AM

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already riding transit at least somewhat regularly.  

But there are a lot of people in our region who haven’t been on transit lately, if ever. In a recent regional survey, just 43% of those familiar with Metro Transit had ridden in the past six months; more than a third said they had no interest in taking transit.  

So, here at Metro Transit, we are seeking ways to give more people, more reasons to ride more often. And you can help.

To show people how easy it can be to use transit, I encourage you to consider inviting a family member, friend, or neighbor to come along for a ride.

These introductions or re-introductions are also an opportunity to share improvements people may not yet be familiar with. To cite just a few examples:  

  • Using our app, you can purchase tickets, plan a trip, and track buses and trains in real time.  
  • We are continually expanding service as we bring on more operators and maintenance staff, with trips on many of our busiest routes running just 15 minutes apart.  
  • Aboard our light rail vehicles, we’ve introduced a new team of Transit Rider Investment Program (TRIP) Agents there to greet riders and answer questions.  
  • Many of our busiest bus stops have been improved with shelters, level boarding pads and, in some cases, public art. 

We also want to hear more from lapsed, new, or infrequent riders about what we need to do to be a more attractive transportation option in our region. Every piece of feedback we receive will help us shape the priorities we include in our new strategic vision, Metro Transit Forward.  

Please consider joining us at upcoming Metro Transit Forward events or by sharing your thoughts through Customer Relations ([email protected] or 612-373-3333).

Thank you as always for riding and thank you in advance for helping us show more people what we have to offer!


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