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Green Line Safety

Safety Along the METRO Green Line

Be Safe. Look Both Ways! Trains can come on any track, at any time, from either direction. Safety is a shared responsibility.

Light-rail transit is safe – as long as everyone obeys warning signs and complies with barriers. Do your part to stay safe by only crossing tracks – whether on foot, on a bicycle or in a vehicle –​ ONLY at designated crossings. Follow the safety tips listed here and talk to friends and neighbors, especially younger kids, about the importance of respecting trains.

Remember: It's not only unsafe but against the law to walk along light-rail tracks.

Safety near rail stations

  • Trains can come on any track, at any time, from either direction. Never assume you know when and where to expect a train.
  • Never try to beat a train through a crossing – it takes the length of two football fields for a train to stop.
  • Safety only takes a second – light-rail trains move faster than freight trains. The train will clear the intersection in a few seconds.
  • Slow down and be alert near rail stations. Watch for pedestrians, trains, buses and cars.

Additional information and videos about light rail safety

Listen up!

Unlike freight trains, you might not hear a light-rail train approaching. Pay attention near the tracks.

  • Listen for train horns and warning bells.
  • The ends of a light-rail train are identical. Red taillights mean a train is moving away from you.
  • Look both ways before crossing the tracks by car, bike or on foot.

Using bike boxes on the Washington Avenue Transit/Pedestrian Mall

Washington Avenue Pedestrian Transit Mall
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Safety and Security

Metro Transit Police, Rail Operations and community partners are working to ensure the safety and security of those who live and work along the Green Line. There are 22 Transit Police officers dedicated to patrolling the line and surrounding community in uniform, in plainclothes and on bicycles.

To support St. Paul operations, Transit Police now have a new East Command Center in the Midway area, just off the Green Line. Safety features include 10 cameras per train and emergency intercoms to allow customer-to-operator communication. Each station platform has at least four cameras - some stations have up to 10.

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