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Safety along METRO lines

Stay aware, stay safe

  • Light-rail transit is safe – as long as everyone obeys warning signs and complies with barriers.
  • It's not only unsafe but against the law to walk along light-rail tracks or to trespass on rail bridges or in tunnels.
  • Pedestrians, motorists and bicyclists must cross only at designated crossings. Tracks at these intersections are embedded in the ground, level with the street, for safer crossing.

> Watch the Operation Lifesaver video below about the importance of being aware around transit vehicles or click here to view in a new window

Safety near rail stations

  • Trains can come on any track, at any time, from either direction. Never assume you know when and where to expect a train.
  • Never try to beat a train through a crossing – it takes the length of two football fields for a train to stop.
  • Safety only takes a second – light-rail trains move faster than freight trains. If gate arms are going down, stop. The train will clear the intersection in a few seconds.
  • Slow down and be alert near rail stations. Watch for pedestrians, trains, buses and cars.

Safety on the station platform

  • Turn down your mobile device near the platform and rail crossings.
  • While waiting for the train, always stand behind the yellow line on the platform.
  • Stand back until the train stops. Be careful of trains leaving the station.
  • Keep children together and away from the tracks until the train stops completely.
  • Cross tracks only at the ends of the platform.
  • Running or horseplay on the platform is dangerous – especially near moving trains.
  • Skateboarding, rollerblading and riding bikes on platforms is not permitted.
  • Wait for other passengers to exit the train before you board.
  • Don't stick arms or legs in the doors to prevent them from closing; just relax and wait for the next train, it's just a few minutes away.

Safety on the train

  • Please surrender your seat to elderly customers or those with disabilities, if needed.
  • While riding, please remain seated. If standing, hold onto the rails in case of sudden stops.
  • Make sure children stay near you while riding.
  • Keep children under control while riding. Running or horseplay on the train can be dangerous.
  • Keep suitcases and backpacks out of others’ way – each train has luggage racks.
  • Secure bikes in racks.

Listen up!

Unlike freight trains, you might not hear a light-rail train approaching. Pay attention near the tracks.

  • Listen for train horns and warning bells.
  • The ends of a light-rail train are identical. Red taillights mean a train is moving away from you.
  • Look both ways before crossing the tracks by car, bike or on foot.

Tracks are for trains

Tracks aren’t a place to explore. Stay away to stay safe.

  • Never walk on tracks and stay away from track switches, which can move at any time.
  • Stay away from high-voltage overhead wires that power the trains. Don’t touch them with kites, models – anything.
  • Cross tracks only in designated areas.

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