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Emerson-Fremont and Lowry

Emerson-Fremont & Lowry Station

Emerson-Fremont & Lowry - Station Plan PDF
Station Consideration Planned Condition*
Emerson-Fremont & Lowry
Platform location

Southbound: Farside of Lowry on Fremont, southwest corner
Farside has adequate platform length available and is preferred to maximize transit signal priority potential.

Northbound: Nearside of Lowry on Emerson, southeast corner
Farside platform not possible due to driveway about 40’ from curb.

*Final conditions to be developed during the engineering/design process.

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Emerson - Fremont and Lowry Station. Northbound near side Lowry Avenue on Emerson Avenue. Southbound far side Lowry Avenue on Fremont Avenue.

Station Consideration Planned Condition*
Station spacing

Southbound: About 0.5 mi to Emerson-Fremont & 26th Avenue
Within guidelines of about half-mile station spacing.

Northbound: About 0.4 mi to Fremont & 35th Avenue
Shorter spacing than guidelines provides access to a high-ridership segment between Dowling and Lowry.

Existing ridership within
a block, or about 1/8 mile
(Fall 2016)

About 610 boardings per weekday

Platform location compared
to existing bus stop
Southbound and northbound: At existing bus stop
Connecting service Route 32
Parking changes

Southbound and northbound: Reduction of about 2-3 parking spaces in each location due to the expansion of existing bus stop zone.

Existing bus stop zone would be extended to accommodate curb taper.

Station Consideration Planned Condition*
Curb configuration

Southbound and northbound: Bumpout

Bumpouts will maximize operational efficiency and pedestrian space.

Platform length

Southbound and northbound: 60’ platform

Platforms will be designed to accommodate a 60’ BRT vehicle.

The Emerson-Fremont and Lowry intersections are major community nodes with high ridership compared to surrounding bus stops. The intersections also provide a connection to the existing Route 32 local service.

Project coordination: Emerson/Fremont Avenues bicycle-pedestrian improvement project

  • D Line station planning in north Minneapolis between Plymouth Avenue and 42nd Avenue occurred in conjunction with the development of the City of Minneapolis Emerson-Fremont Avenues bicycle-pedestrian improvement project. Outreach and engagement occurred separately between projects.

  • Station locations were coordinated in advance of the city’s 2014 Regional Solicitation application and confirmed in late 2016.

  • Coordination ensures that bicycle-pedestrian improvements (planned for construction in 2018) will not be impacted by D Line construction (planned for construction in 2020/2021, pending full project funding).