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D Line Station Plan

METRO D Line route and stations


Preliminary station designs


The METRO D Line will build 40 enhanced stations along an 18-mile corridor between the Brooklyn Center Transit Center and Mall of America. Like the A Line and C Line, stations will include shelters with light and on-demand heat, real-time signs and ticket machines, among other features. The Metropolitan Council approved the D Line's station plan in 2018, confirming station locations. During the design phase, nearby residents, business owners and property owners are invited to offer additional thoughts on how the station can best fit into the surrounding area. 

Preliminary station designs can be viewed on an Interactive Map.

If you need this map in a more accessible format or language assistance, please contact project staff by email ( or by phone (612-349-7390).


Metro Transit completed a Final D Line Station Plan to identify locations for enhanced D Line stations before project engineering began. The Metropolitan Council approved this plan on July 25, 2018. The Final Station Plan establishes two core components: the station intersection and the location of platforms within that intersection and incorporated feedback from the Draft Station Plan (Feb. 2018) and Recommended Station Plan (May 2018). 

Read the complete Final Station Plan or click on a specific station name below.


Image of the D Line final station plan, and locations along the line from Brooklyn Center to the Mall of America


Brooklyn Center

> Brooklyn Center Transit Center
> Xerxes & 56th Avenue Station
> Brooklyn & 51st Avenue Station

North Minneapolis

> 44th Avenue & Penn Station
> 44th Avenue & Girard Station
> Fremont & 42nd Avenue Station
> Fremont & Dowling Station
> Fremont & 35th Avenue Station
> Emerson-Fremont & Lowry Station
> Emerson-Fremont & 26th Avenue Station
> Emerson-Fremont & West Broadway Station
> Emerson-Fremont & Plymouth Station
> 7th Street & Bryant Station
> 7th Street & Olson-5th Avenue Station

Downtown Minneapolis

> Ramp A/7th Street Transit Center
> 7th Street & Hennepin Station
> 8th Street & Hennepin Station
> 7th-8th Street & Nicollet Station
> 7th-8th Street & 3rd Avenue Station
> 7th-8th Street & Park Station

South Minneapolis

> Chicago & 14th Street Station
> Chicago & Franklin Station
> Chicago & 24th Street Station
> Chicago & 26th Street Station
> Chicago-Lake Transit Center
> Chicago & 34th Street Station
> Chicago & 38th Street Station
> Chicago & 42nd Street Station
> Chicago & 46th Street Station
> Chicago & 48th Street Station
     Addendum: Chicago & 48th Street Station
> Chicago & 52nd Street Station
> Chicago & 56th Street Station
> Portland & 60th Street Station


> Portland & 66th Street Station
> Portland & 70th Street Station
> Portland & 73rd Street Station
> Portland & 77th Street Station


> American & Chicago Station
> American & Bloomington Station
> American & Thunderbird Station
> Mall of America Transit Center